Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Amazing Race 8 - Episode 1

Well, the new Race started on Tuesday, September 27, 2005. In one word, "boring."

There were no aviation segments as they started in New York, made their way to Soho then to 91st Street across the George Washington Bridge to Pennsylvania, where they are staying until next week's show.

O.K. there are 10 families of four persons each. Some are a little mismatched as there are kids and parents, young and older kids as well as annoying moms and very rude older children. If I spoke to my parents in that manner, I'd be slapped before I even thought of the word to say. Oh, wait, I would never even think of talking in that manner to my parents. How these parents put up with such crap from their kids is beyond me.

The funniest part I think is that there is a black family whose last name is Black. Just hilarious. I am sure the producers planned this; silly I think, but funny anyways. I do wonder how come the families are not more diverse though, no Asian or Hispanic familes; come on, tons of people audition for this show, don't tell me there were no Asian nor Hispanic families that "qualified?"

This is America, so I think we should be a little more diverse.

Even worst, the Black family lost so they are out of it now.

Will see how next week's episode comes out.