Sunday, September 17, 2006

Amazing Race 10 - Episode I

The Race started in Seattle, WA with seaplanes landing and the contestants disembarking
Peter and Sarah – tri-athletes; Sarah has one leg
Bilal and Sa'eed two Muslim friends
Rob and Kimberly - dating from Los Angeles
Dustin and Kandace - beauty queens from NY
Miss NY and Miss CA
David and Mary - married coalminer and housewife from Kentucky
Erwin and Godwin - brothers from California
Duke and Lauren 0 father and daughter from Rhode Island
Lauren is gay
Vipul and Arti - husband and wife from Florida; they are Indians
Kellie and Jamie - best friends and cheerleaders from South Carolina
Tyler and James - recovering drug addicts and models from California
Lyn and Karlyn - friends and single mothers (black ladies)
Tom and Terry - boyfriends from New York City
and there you have it...almost all the races are accounted for...geez.

8 pit stops are elimination points

In typical Seattle style, it is a wet day.
I can't quite figure out where they start
They have to fly to Beijing, People's Republic of China and are restricted to taking United (UA) and Korean (KE).

UA875 at 1:22p
KE126 at 2p
They have $66 for this leg of the race

two teams had trouble leaving the parking lot.
They showed a KE Boeing 747-400 taxiing and some United planes taxiing
The united flight arrives 8:05p and the KE flight arrives at 9p.

I hate they don't give the exact routing...Their United routing is:
Seattle to Tokyo, Japan to Beijing
The Korean routing is:
Seattle to Seoul, South Korea to Beijing

The Muslims and the cheerleaders went to the car rental parking as opposed to the Airport Parking; they did not know that Thrifty also does Airport parking at Sea-Tac; So did the two Asian guys.
Rob and Kimberly will be the arguers this season.
Midway is just like that as well, so I can understand the confusion.

Vipul and Arti were the last set to try for the United flight, but had to go to the

Do Muslims believe in Buddah asked one team
Showed a United B777 taking off
and a Korean B777 at the gate - aircraft 575; at least they got the right aircraft for the route.

Weird that teams were upset when the disable dgirl boarded first; what weirdos.
The UA flight arrived late.
First task there is to travel to the Gold House Restaurant by taxi and eat fish eyes.
They showed a Virgin Atlantic (VS) A340 landing, when it should have been a Korean flight; this is footage from a previous show; sigh...

After the fish eye, take a taxi to the Forbidden City via the Meridian Gate entrance; first surprise is waiting for them there.

Bilal and Sa'eed were eliminated as they were the last team to arrive; although it was not a pit stop.

Oh, it is not sad, it is a race and people are eliminated, why were they all so shocked?

Next challenge is to take a waiting motorbike's side car to the next destination; one participant on the back of the bike.
After that, it is a pit stop which is one of the entrances to the Great Wall
Tyler and James were the first to arrive winning $20,000
Duke and Lauren were team number 2
Peter and Sarah #3
Dustin and Kandice #4
Rob and Kimberly #5
Kellie and Jamie #6
Erwin and Godwin #7
Tom and Terry #8
Lyn and Karlyn #9
David and Mary #10
Vipul and Arti #11 and you can hear the music slowing down; will they be eliminated?
And they were eliminated!
Looks like they go to Mongolia next.