Sunday, March 06, 2011

Amazing Race - Unfinished Business - Episode 3

The new episode starts with the teams in the Outback of Australia.

They have to go to Tokyo, Japan from Sydney, Australia
They showed a 747-400 taking off and flying, but showed a Boeing 767-300 landing; uugh...

There is a QF flight that arrives in Tokyo at 6:15a says one of the contestants.
A 6:00a arrival also exists connecting in HKG on Cathay Pacific they were debating what to do.

They showed them taking the Airport Line to the Airport which makes sense.

Yeah, its always hard to get access to that Free Internet Access kiosk in Sydney

I still hate when people say a Direct flight but they mean nonstop. How did this happen?
Direct Flight: Makes at least one stop with the same flight number
Nonstop Flight: Does not make any stops

Its a calculated risk that there are no issues in Hong Kong with the connection
LOL; the agent says "Generally not an issue" hehe...

showed a QF oneworld Boeing 747-400 airplane at the gate
Showed what looked like a 4-engined plane taking off
They showed a 777 landing in what should be Narita-Japan. This is obviously not the 744 that took off.

Connection:Five teams on the earlier flight
showed 777 taking off
Cathay flight is delayed
Looks like they got delayed in SYD for a mechanical
Showed an Airbus landing 1.5 hours late in Narita.

The parking lot is quite cool :-)...

The took a very long time to get this one done.
Even the enthusiasm of the Japanese were waned...

I think Mel and Mike is out... the paramedics had to come for them.
Phil had an umbrella to welcome Margie and Luke and
then Jaime and Cara who thought they were eliminated, but alas they were not.

So lastly Mel and Mike arrived last and they were eliminated.