Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amazing Race 9 - Episode 1

Me is located in Houston, TX and Lonestar was in Detriot, MI; we always enjoy The Amazing Race together if we can; usually by phone; today, Lonestar IMed me instead; this is our conversation as we watched the show.

[Feb., 27, 2006] Me: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060227/dam048.html?.v=60
[Feb., 28, 2006] Lonestar: the southwest fares go no where
Lonestar: race is on
Me: hiya
Me: watchin'
Me: r there 2 gay couples?
Lonestar: did you see the city pairs for the $28 special?
Me: no; what are they?
Me: so if u r last u r eliminated [responding to Phil explaining the rules]
Me: good!
Me: no maybes
Lonestar: their has to be non-elimination legs
Me: i guess, but he did not say that...
Me: they will fly Continental I think [in response to the first clue that told them to get to Sao Paolo, Brazil; the racers started in Denver, Colorado]
Me: from IAH
Lonestar: Denver to IAH to San Pabalo
Me: it is the afternoon
Me: so they have time to catch the same day flights from DEN to IAH to SAO
Lonestar: But united must have a flight
Me: or UA to MIA or IAD
Lonestar: none direct out of denver
Me: nope
Lonestar: its their hub
Me: go to www.cruisinaltitude.com for the schedules of the airlines
Lonestar: UA sucks
Me: nope; MA to SAO works better
Lonestar: MA?
Me: they did this last november i think
Lonestar: would be about right
Me: Choices: UA over IAD
Me: CO over IAH
Me: DL over ATL
Lonestar: dating for 5 years [to Ray and Yolanda being introduced]
Lonestar: give here a ring or move on
Me: AA over DFW
Me: UA over MIA or ORD as well
Me: i know what a dweeb
Me: what a dweeb
Lonestar: this is going to suck next week when i am in oregon
Me: how come?
Lonestar: it wont be on till so late
Me: aargh...
Me: i'll try not to tell u the results
Lonestar: i ve been there
Lonestar: denver airport
Lonestar: it is out in the middle of no where
Me: i love the old couple!
Lonestar: off of open road
Me: yes it is
Lonestar: you always like the old couple
Me: yup
Me: looking for AA348
Me: no longer flying
Me: they have an MD83 AA1406 to DFW
Me: AA416 to DFW
Me: AA1924 to DFW
Lonestar: the gay buddies
Me: more direct flight! LOL
Me: CO498
Me: oh oh [to the couple that called in to make a reservation; which they had to cancel]
Lonestar: now i wonder what happens
Lonestar: do they cancel their reservation
Me: bummer that they took that rule out
Me: yes they will have to or perhaps penalized for it
Me: previous games allowed it
Lonestar: it will be interesting to see how they work it in
Me: yup
Me: CO498 is at 2:30p connecting to CO93 arriving in SAO at 9:55a the next day
Lonestar: don’t forget to update your blog
Me: AA will arrive at 8:52a over DFW
Me: and 9:20a over DFW and MIA
Lonestar: we need character summaries, thoughts
Me: will do; actually thinking of including this conversation if you don't mind
Me: oh i hate doing that
Me: can i just talk about who i like? do i have to do them all?
Me: Internet connection sucks!
Lonestar: for several of these shows i will be on the west coast
Me: UA will arrive at 11:00a over ORD
Me: AA963 [flight numbers been called out by the contestants]
Me: UA861 [flight numbers been called out by the contestants]
Lonestar: Were they referring to their breast size [two of the guys saying they will call two of the girls Double Ds; their names start with Ds and they have big breasts]
Me: arrives at 9:25a
Me: not sure
Me: I think the names
Me: as they both start with D
Lonestar: all i heard was the comment, can we call you double D
Me: John and Scott "Lifelong friends?"
Me: what kind of description is that?
Lonestar: they might be gay
Me: Wanda and Desiree on UA
Lonestar: California gay
Me: Dave and Lori on UA
Lonestar: land of fruits and nuts
Me: that black girl will out run you [said one of the guy contentants]
Me: funny!
Me: Lake and Mitchell on CO
Lonestar: I thought so also
Me: Ray and Yolanda on CO
Me: well they showed the right plane
Me: but a 737 taking off
Lonestar: Monica is cute
Me: shows AA MD80 taking off
Lonestar: John and Scott are so gay
Me: never been to that hotel
Me: love Sao though
Me: dense city but cool
Me: UA does not have a 744 to SAO [to being shown a United Boeing 747-400 landing in what should be Sao Paolo]
Me: cool she knows Portuguese [to one of the girls speaking Portuguese to the drivers]
Me: not true they arrived first [one of the contestants wondering if they were beaten by the other crew]
Me: big boobs! [finally seeing one of the Double Ds]
Lonestar: but they don’t know that
Me: how PC
Me: now the AA flight landing as a Boeing 777
Lonestar: as I said the Double D is their breast size comment
Me: not from DFW; they use a Boeing 767-300
Me: flattery always works
Lonestar: maybe the schedule has changes
Me: u r correct mon ami!
Me: so the CO flight is last
Me: they did show the correct aircraft landing a Being 767-200
Lonestar: good for them
Me: Phil said they had delays
Lonestar: maybe they [the producers of the show] are learning
Me: Spanish was the universal language of the world! [a comment by one of the ladies; Lori I think]
Lonestar: lady that would more be English
Me: good grief
Me: next clue says to travel 3 miles to Viaduto
Lonestar: most places have a few people who speak English
Me: I guess they will have to jump off the bridge
Lonestar: those two v-ball players are not PC at all
Lonestar: Eric and Jeremy are the V-ball players
Me: they two boys are like Shaggy and Scooby [BJ & his friend]
Me: that they are not [to the not PC comment]
Lonestar: I don’t think they are gay
Me: me neither
Me: soz; i lost my connection
Me: not sure if it is my Airport Express
Lonestar: what did you last get?
Me: crap
Me: huh?
Lonestar: what was the last line of the conversation you got
Lonestar: before you got your internet back
Me: "i dont think they are gay"
Lonestar: Lonestar: they are after the Double D duo [copied the conversation Me missed]
Lonestar: stop flirting and people won’t pass you, think with the head on top your shoulders
Lonestar: E& J are now the Frat boys
Lonestar: Just to update we have Double D's, frat boys, gay guys, hippies, nerds, ken and Barbie [these are the names being blurted out by the contestants for each other]
Lonestar: the black team
Lonestar: who am I missing?
Lonestar: Amazon sisters
Lonestar: Mom and daughter
Lonestar: I would take the flight, it would be so much fun [to the detour where they get to take a helicopter or assemble a bike]
Me: me neither [to the “don’t think they are gay comment]
Me: soz; i lost my connection
Me: not sure if it my Airport Express
Lonestar: what did you last get?
Me: crap
Me: huh?
Lonestar: what was the last line of the conversation
Me: the last line was "I dont think they are gay"
Lonestar: i just pasted in what i said while you were sleeping
Me: lol
Lonestar: it was a recap of the what the team nicknames are
Me: i think you got them
Me: i would take the flight of course
Me: never done a helicopter
Lonestar: so would i
Lonestar: not a doubt
Me: not mechanically included
Me: the problem is not the helicopter
Lonestar: i have several times [flown on a helicopter]
Me: it is identifying the building
Lonestar: flew over DB in one [a city in Florida]
Me: all the bldgs in Sao look alike
Me: oh really? [to the flew over DB in one comment]
Lonestar: I think all they have to do is pick it out of a book
Me: never done a glider nor a helicopter
Me: oic
Lonestar: never done a glider
Me: neither
Me: why can't they find the box? [to the old couple wandering pass the box on the bridge]
Me: they walked right by it
Me: u think they would have seen the camera pointing o it
Lonestar: i missed that part
Me: BJ & Tyler - Best Friends
Me: the older couple cannot find the clue on the bridge
Me: is that double Ds
Lonestar: its double Ds
Me: "lifelong friends" how about “gay guys” for the description for John and Scott?
Me: geez
Lonestar: is that Scott and whoever
Me: Sao is a really difficult city to navigate
Me: yes
Me: they need a twist [the show needs some spunk]
Me: funny as the airport in RIO is called Santos Dumont
Me: the local airport
Me: it is too hard to follow 22 people!
Me: at least the helicopters have the correct registrations
Me: of course they signed their lives away LOL
Lonestar: nerds, yes that is a helicopter [the nerdy couple was asking if that is a helicopter]
Lonestar: and no flying in a helicopter is not the trip of a life time [to BJ & Tyler’s comment]
Lonestar: $50 at the grand Caynon
Me: those are cute helicopters
[at the almost one hour mark] Lonestar: did you see this is two hours
Me: they just had the trip of a lifetime; flying to SAO from the U.S.
Me: well, i assumed so since this the opening show
Me: it usually is
Me: doubles ds are putting a bike together?
Me: Fran and Barry still lookin'!
Me: geez
Lonestar: that is what i was thinking
Me: stop worrying about why you missed it; just go! [to Fran and Barry worrying that they will now lose]
Me: see they just got to 8th place [to being showed the 8th place contestant arriving at the bridge to pickup the clue]
Me: these are the people on the Continental flight
Me: ok those two will be fighting before it is over
Lonestar: he is the jerk of the show
Me: "don't second guess me"
Lonestar: another Bryan i think his name was [a guy from a previous show]
Me: good attitude ladies [Lori and her friends bitching about something]
Me: I think so
Me: God; the gay guys are still sitting around [they seemed to have been stuck in traffic]
Me: so two Americans get out of a taxi in Sao
Me: how smart was that?
Me: give the gay guys the booby prize
Lonestar: they are OUT
Lonestar: and not of the closet
Lonestar: they have been that for a while
Me: I so hear you
Me: I mean u r in a strange country and you get out of the cab in a strange neighborhood
Me: how stupid
Me: the producers must have been going nuts at that moment
Lonestar: yea
Me: hey which commercial are u seeing? [commercial break]
Me: zetia?
Lonestar: a movie
Me: no; some drug
Lonestar: special ops
Me: ok
Lonestar: type
Me: now they are showing the shorts for a tv show, the unit
Me: a new show
Lonestar: the unit
Lonestar: a new show
Me: and now taco cabana commercial?
Lonestar: nope Toyota
Me: so they have local ads as opposed to national
Me: Toyota now
Me: so not in the same order
Me: of course now the Mercedes ad
Me: do they really need to advertise Mercedes?
Me: http://www.archidose.org/May04/051004-pic.html [This is the place hey get their first clue in Sao]
Me: The gay dudes again
Lonestar: cool building
Me: Lisa and Joni are the negatives ladies
Me: yup
Me: i do love the city
Lonestar: frat boys in the lead
Me: just never seen it though
Me: yup
Me: how the heck did they find that clue?
Me: the next clue says travel 5 miles to santa cecelia
Lonestar: where was it?
Me: frat boys are first
Me: BJ & Tyler second
Lonestar: wow that one would be tough
Me: it was under the stairs
Me: 'Dude is this the most James Bond thing you've ever done"
Me: ? [says BJ & Tyler]
Me: they are having the times of their lives BJ & Tyler
Me: this may be the first time out of the US for them; sweet
Me: Dave and Lori is kind of an odd couple...
Me: ok they are an odd couple
Me: Wanda & Desiree is 4th after doing the helicopter on the roof thing
Me: i wonder how double ds are doing with the bike
Me: ?
Lonestar: i wonder also
Lonestar: i wonder what guy helped them out
Me: well they paid that guy they met and he left
Me: i think they gave him 2 bucks
Me: of course he would leave them lol
Lonestar: good or bad pay?
Me: i doubt it; it is in reals
Lonestar: i don’t know anything about their economics
Me: but two bucks?
Me: please
Me: well; how about a five or a ten?
Me: get out of the car and walk people [reaction to the cab driver passing the airport with the helicopters]
Me: amigo? [to the couple calling the driver that name]
Me: how about Sir?
Lonestar: is that the doctor and his wife?
Lonestar: the "right"
Me: so why would two girls decide to do the bike?
Me: ironic how they [the older couple] are thinking of helping the girls and the girls left them when they were looking for the clue
Me: gracias?
Me: how about obrigado?
Me: good karma is good.
Me: did u see that ass shot?
Me: of the black girl?
Me: dude chill [to the camera looking at the black guy’s expression]
Me: the black guy is getting jealous; dude your girl is hot, just face it
Lonestar: the frosties
Me: dude; you just flew two flights about 6,000 miles; get over the fear of flying bit [to John freaking out about the helicopter and his fear of flying]
Lonestar: but this time it is in helicopter
Me: 3 point turn in a chopper? [to one of the couples saying that]
Lonestar: yea
Me: true; but get over it
Me: there is a million dollars at stake
Lonestar: that did not take long
Me: so is "dude" a unisex phrase now? [to the doctor calling his wife “dude”]
Lonestar: not yet their is a million dollars
Me: mojo-Wanda and Desiree
Me: did u get that one?
Me: i like the geeks though
Me: although they are weird
Lonestar: the geeks are cute
Lonestar: that is cool how many building have heliports
Me: didn't they have a plan for the bike building to follow?
Lonestar: i don’t think so
Me: why don't Fran and Barry just leave and go to the next stunt? [they could not put the bike together]
Me: Sao has lots of tall bldgs; that is why
Me: u should head down there
Me: sweet!
Me: Lake and Michelle is the first to get the bike done
Lonestar: yea
Lonestar: moves them back up
Lonestar: don’t think like that
Me: Fran and Barry need to leave the bikes and go to the helicopter
Lonestar: what about Double Ds
Me: they went to the helicopter; they ditched the bike
Lonestar: no they stayed
Me: did u get the place to text RACE to? [there was an ad on TV to do this]
Lonestar: they were outside when Ken and Barbie left
Me: nope they left when Fran and her husband showed up
Lonestar: nope
Me: well they said they were leaving
Lonestar: but then they stayed
Me: idiots
Lonestar: and continued working
Me: maybe it is 'cause the guys were whistling at them
Lonestar: thinking they could cheat off Fran
Me: oic
Lonestar: I can’t watch that Thursday i have not seen the last 2-3 weeks
Lonestar: Survivor
Lonestar: the Olympics screwed up my TV watching
Me: i've never watched Survior
Me: oh did it?
Me: i did miss a few shows as well
Me: but the Olympics was well worth it
Lonestar: we did well, beat those Canadians
Me: hey, i like the Canadians
Lonestar: I like two of the
Me: well it took Fran and her husband that long to change their minds
Lonestar: them
Me: see double ds are not there at all
Lonestar: ok
Lonestar: you were right
Me: ok; enough of the drama now
Me: see there is double ds doing the chopper now
Lonestar: yes yes yes, i was wrong, the great You was right again
Lonestar: the gay guys still have not found the bike/airport
Me: they [the show] need an overhead map
Me: so you can see where everyone is
Me: well; i've been wrong before...
Me: they just got turned away from the gate
Lonestar: what happened to the black couple?
Me: i wonder if they have 11 clues on the roofs?
Lonestar: funny
Me: well 10
Me: the black couple is fixing the bike
Me: ok enough of that screaming [Lori and her friend screaming]
Me: Fran reminds me of Meredith from a few shows ago
Lonestar: yea
Lonestar: that is who it reminds me of
Lonestar: r they last?
Me: the bigger guy [John] just won’t give the other guy a chance to contribute at all
Me: nope; the gay guys are
Lonestar: of course one is the dom and the other the sub
Me: remember this will be on a blog; so be nice...
Lonestar: you have to change the SN on this if you post it
Me: of course i will
Me: if they work together it would be so much better;
Me: so back to my location indicator; they need one
Me: just telling me who is in what place is not enough
Me: i want to see an overview of where is everyone
Lonestar: yes, and time stamps at the major points so we can see who is behind and ahead and by how much
Me: maybe an interactive web site that i can go to during the telecast
Me: exactly
Lonestar: that won’t happen
Me: i know due to the time zones
Lonestar: ruin it for the west coast folk
Lonestar: s
Me: but you could set it up so that you can only access it from a certain time zone
Me: lost connection again
Me: drama from the gay guys
Lonestar: always
Me: ok; i could not do the snake thing [as they walk into this ritual and someone has a snake]
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Lonestar: wb
Me: lost connection again
Me: thx
Me: glad John got it together [as he got on the helicopter and relaxed]
Me: see the last one will be eliminated [to Phil saying that the next stop is the pit stop]
Me: so who is last now?
Lonestar: i think the black couple
Me: pit stop is at the football stadium
Me: did u see the homeless guy sleeping on the street as the camera panned by?
Me: possibly
Me: Lisa and Joni (the screamers) are just landing
Me: The producers love the drama
Lonestar: yes they do
Me: i wonder what is their prize for this trip?
Lonestar: gotta love mark burnett
Me: yup
Me: he keeps us watching...
Me: u'd better get online next week so we can blog the show again
Me: well; IM
Me: did u see the Apple announcement today?
Lonestar: yes i did
Lonestar: but the price went up
Lonestar: i will be in Oregon
Lonestar: so i will be 2 hours late
Me: crap;
Me: the price of what?
Me: the boom box or the mac mini
Me: i hope the screamers get eliminated; I've had enough of them...
Me: so
Lonestar: the following week i will be home
Lonestar: week 3
Me: 1st: Derrick & Jeremy winning $10,000 each [as they arrive at the Stadium by taxi]
Lonestar: second
Me: ok so we will have to get the IM going again
Lonestar: get squat
Me: 2nd: BJ & Tyler winning nothing LOL u r right
Lonestar: nerds in third
Lonestar: that rhymes
Me: 3rd: Dave & Lori the geeks; well maybe [editing showed the nerds arriving before Wanda & Desiree]
Lonestar: nope double Ds
Me: 3rd: Wanda & Desiree as Dave & Lori used the wrong entrance
Me: 4th is Dave & Lori
Lonestar: not the double ds
Me: I love the geeks
Me: double ds are far away
Me: i think Ray & Yolanda may be last
Lonestar: there they are
Me: but Double Ds are stuck in traffic
Me: umm... there are two behind them
Lonestar: I wonder how long they had to keep that party going [reacting to the ritual ceremony]
Me: I think they should be called quad Ds
Me: 5th: Lake & Michelle
Me: geez...
Me: i'd say all day
Me: 6th: Joseph and Monica (the arguers)
Me: John is an idiot! what's with the genie power? [they talk about calling on the genie power when something goes wrong]
Me: 7th: Ray and Yolanda
Me: 8th: Fran and Barry
Lonestar: old couple
Me: I think the gay dudes are out
Lonestar: yep
Me: so much for the genie
Me: 9th: Danielle & Dani (double ds)
Me: oh, there is still Lisa and her friend left
Me: this will be close (or edited to seem that way LOL)
Lonestar: yea
Me: tick, tick...
Lonestar: only 6 min left
Me: run you two! [to John and Scott sitting in the cab]
Lonestar: and they still have previews
Me: drama...
Me: 10th: Lisa and Joni (the screamers)
Lonestar: gay guys out
Me: the gay dudes (John and Scott) are out; bummer
Me: How come he said it in English (the welcome) [the Brazilian guy did not say Bem Vindo as he did for the others]
Me: 11th: John and Scott are the last to arrive
Me: at least they get the free trip to Sao
Me: and John flew again
Me: sweet!
Lonestar: yep
Me: aww... how sweet
Me: well, as usual, the aviation events showed the wrong planes; but I think the airlines just want to show their best planes in the footage...
Me: so what do you want to be called in the IM stream?
Lonestar: lonestar
Lonestar: will work
Me: i think they will stay in the Southern Hemisphere for the next one perhaps
Me: i will be theotherguy