Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Amazing Race 9 - Episode 5

This week’s episode started with the teams in Munich, Germany.

Their first task was to fly from Munich, Germany (MUC) to Palermo, Italy
it was 3 a.m. when the first team of Eric & Jeremy (the Frat boys) departed

BJ & Tyler is second
Lake & Michelle third

Of course I went to to check schedules and here is what I found:

6:35am 12:05pm FCO 5h30m AZ435/AZ1779 / ER4/M82 via Rome, Italy (FCO)
6:35am 1:30pm 6h55m AZ435/AZ1797 / ER4/M82 via Rome, Italy (FCO)
6:35am 2:35pm 8h00m AZ435/AZ783 / ER4/M82 via Rome, Italy (FCO)
7:05am 2:40pm 7h35m LH3896/LH2780 via Milan-Malpensa, Italy (MXP)

At the airport, Eric & Jeremy checked with the Information Desk who told them that that the first flight from MUC- to Palermo via Rome was on Alitalia. Of course being typical of the Frat boys, there were flirting with the Information girls

As they were bored, they and BJ & Tyler started playing with the wheel chairs at the airport

BJ & Tyler got smart and went down to the Internet café and bought their tickets on the Internet
for a 10:15a arrival; the same flights that Eric & Jeremy were upstairs waiting to buy in person.

For some reason, Lake & Michele had trouble using the Internet to buy the tickets, saying it was all in German.

Fran & Barry left the pit stop next followed by Dave & Lori at 5:28 a.m., then Joseph & Monica after that.

Oddly enough, none of the racers can pronounce Palermo, Italy properly

By the time the ticket office opened, the flight was booked, so Eric & Jeremy had to see if they could stand by for the flight, but had to wait for the last minute to do so; luckily they did get on the flight.

LH at a 9:30a arriving at 2p

Ray & Yolanda were next

Joseph & Monica took the LH to AZ connection

Danielle & Dani were last

4 teams were on the 9:30a

They very briefly showed one of the teams deplaning in Rome coming off a Bombardier CRJ200 for Alitalia.

They basically showed planes taking off and landing with no rhyme or reason to it; very disconcerting.

The Frat boys were silly as they missed all the early flights having arrived at the airport first.

There were 4 flights in all
They showed a MD88 first landing, then an A321 as another plane landing, then a DC9 landing all operated by Alitalia.
BJ & Tyler are in the lead now.

Found the piece of clothing first
Then went to the Teatro di sugesra
There was a Yield ahead
BJ & Taylor says they will yield the frat boys as they wander off

Now the Frat Boys are in 2nd place; how did they do that?
Joseph & Monica in 3rd.
Interesting that Phil recorded the Yield video at night, but the video explaining the task during the day...
They chose not to yield anyone
Fran & Barry lost again
Joseph & Monica carried the bell
Fran & Barry walked by the clue again
and decided to do the laundry as Barry said he could not lift the bell
Ray & Yolanda is 6th
Lake & Michelle is 7th
Double Ds bitching about being young and inexperienced

BJ & Tyler were in first place and they won a digital imaging package

Eric & Jeremy and they were the second to arrive
said "Holy Hottie"

Joseph & Monica were team #3

Fran & Barry is team #4

Danielle & Dani got yielded by Lake & Michelle
It was night by now.
Lake & Michelle is 5th to arrive.

Dave & Lori had the statue finished but were thrown off by the two pieces that did not fit, so Lori pulled it down and got frustrated trying to put it together.

So now they are in 6th. place
Lake & Michelle was #5 to arrive

Dave & Lori were the 6th team to arrive
Dave crying about being frustrated at Lori and he was sorry

So now it is Ray & Yolanda and Double Ds racing for the end

Ray & Yolanda were ahead of the Ds.
They were team #7

So the Double Ds from New Yawk were last and were eliminated, said they had fun with Eric and Jeremy; LOL

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Amazing Race 9 - Episode 4

Eric & Jeremy were the first to arrive

Fly to Frankfurt from Moscow was the task, they showed a Boeing 737-500 landing in an airport to depict this.

Here were flight choices between the two cities per

9:45pm Depart Moscow-Sheremetyevo RU (SVO)
Arrive Frankfurt DE (FRA) 10:55pm Aeroflot Russian Airlines
3h10m Meal Codes: 109
7:05am Depart Moscow-Sheremetyevo RU (SVO)
Arrive Frankfurt DE (FRA) 8:15am Lufthansa
3h10m Meal Codes: B 3189
5:50am Depart Moscow-Sheremetyevo RU (SVO)
Arrive Frankfurt DE (FRA) 9:05am Austrian / Austrian
5h15m Meal Codes: B 606 / 7201 *
319 / 320 Vienna AT

Schedule is slightly different at different times of the year

Lake & Michelle was the second team to arrive

Ray & Yolanda were the third to arrive
it was already dark at that moment

BJ & Tyler were the fourth team to arrive
still late at night

Fran & Barry were the 5th to arrive

They showed a Continental 737-800 w/winglets taking off at 9:05p as Flight 1 to Frankfurt; geez…

Danielle & Dani 6th to arrive

Wanda and Desiree 7th to arrive

Joseph & Monica are the 8th team to arrive
Dave and Lori were the last to arrive; but were not eliminated

But there are no more flights anyway

Lake & Michelle got the 9:15p flight
They were on an airplane with red seats which I think was Aeroflot

So now there are 7 teams at the airport

They showed a Boeing 747-400 landing looked like a Singapore Airlines flight
Eric & Jeremy then got on what looked like a high speed train to Stutgart!

BJ & Tyler also got on the 9:15p Aeroflot flight

But the flight was closed for the others
only four got on that flight
They showed a 737 taking off

First flight was the next day at 7a.

Nobody thought of connecting flights.

Eric & Jeremy got to Stuttgart, Germany at the Mercedes plant; race is at 8:30 a.m. the next morning; they still have a little lead though
Then Lake & Michelle and BJ & Tyler arrived

At 5 a.m. the other bought tickets for their flights
showed a Lufthansa (LH) B737-500 taking off from Moscow

Clue was to drive 200 miles to the Bavarian country side in Mercedes Benzs of course, driving on the autobahn to get there.

Then train 3 arrived with all the others, they went to Mercedes for the ride
Amazing what a car does at 170km/h! says one of them.

Eric & Jeremy arrives in Ellbach Field to search for the Travelocity Gnome
Then they have to drive themselves to Bavaria; well that was easy...

The next team: they met some drunken German guy and they drove him to the field
Lake & Michelle found the next one, then BJ & Tyler.

So then Lake & Michelle had to take the German drunk guy to his house so then BJ & Tyler followed them as they did not know where to go next. Then Fran & Barry arrived; found the gnome and headed for the Bavarian Film place

Wanda & Desiree and Danielle & Dani drove in circles

At Bavaria Film, they had a Detour; break the stunt bottles or perform a German folk dance

Eric & Jeremy did the bottle over the head piece and asked one of the German girls out for a date.

Even with dropping off the guy they made good time.

I need a changing room as I'm not wearing an underwear says one of the hippies before changing into the local garb.

The Seigestor is the Pitstop for the race and Eric & Jeremy is off to find it; the girl kissed them both on the cheeks.

Then Lake & Michelle found a label in the broken bottles.

BJ & Tyler continued and then found one; speaking to the girl in German
Fran & Barry did the dance lesson, Fran could not get it

Eric & Jeremy arrived first; way ahead of the others; they won a trip for two to the heart of Africa heading to Victoria Falls.
Phil asked for their gnome back.

Lake & Michelle were arguing again

Next to arrive was BJ & Tyler running backwards to the pit stop
then they said "Santa" to the guy as had a gray beard.
Lake & Michelle were team number three.

Then Dave & Lori did the bottle breaking thing and found a label

Fran & Barry was team number 4

Ray & Yolanda changed to the dance as they could not get the bottle thing done
Dave & Lori were the 5th to arrive

Wanda and Desiree were the last to arrive at the film place.

Danielle & Dani passed them as they went through the door

Wanda & Desiree were quick to do the dance.

They and the Double Ds ran to the pit stop, but Double Ds (Danielle & Dani) were the 8th team to arrive.

So Wanda & Desiree (daughter) were the last team to arrive and so they were eliminated

Not sure where they are next but I think it is Rome…

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Amazing Race 9 - Episode 2

My friend Lonestar IMed me while the show was going on...
He was on the West Coast in Oregon state.

Lonestar: is amazing race on at 7 or 8
Me: at 9C
Me: started :27 mins ago
Lonestar: so started at 9
Me: yes
Lonestar: shoot that means 10P
Lonestar: not for 3 more hours
Lonestar: well 2.5
Me: odd that it started at 9p this time
Lonestar: i dont know if i will be up that late
Me: i hear u
Lonestar: i was hoping it was 8/7 E/C
Me: me too; this waiting until 9p sucks!
Me: they added that new show the unit to the line up so that was after NCIS
Me: i slept through the whole thing
Me: well, i won't tell u anything about it
Me: i'll be quite
Me: i missed the first 11 mins as i was asleep
Me: show is back on
Me: they definitely need the map to show where each one is

No report of the beginning, but here is what happened at the end.

Hot Dog we got a date with Phil says BJ & Tyler as hey approached the it stop

BJ & Tyler were the first to arrive
Shut up and stop it! they said
They won a trip for two to Tahiti from

Eric & Jeremy were the second to arrive
Where's the damn Phil at they said.

Joseph & Monica were the third to arrive at that time the others were still completing the tasks

Jim & Lori are team #4

Ray and Yolanda were team #5

Double D's were team #6

Fran & Barry had a dead battery; a replacement car was given to them, but no time credit (standard rules)

Lake & Michelle are having a hard time getting there; following some guy who had to get gas

Lake & Michelle were team #7 to arrive.

Danielle & Dani were team #8; right behind Lake & Michelle

Now they show Fran & Barry at night driving so are the two sisters

The drama heightens as we see Fran and Barry arriving as team #9, saying that they thought that Phil would be sleeping.

Now we see the two sisters arguing as usual and arriving last and crying
Lisa & Joni were the last team to arrive and so they were eliminated.
It is always fun to hear what they say when they lose :-)

They are in Moscow next; I have to figure out how they get there.