Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Amazing Race 9 - Episode 4

Eric & Jeremy were the first to arrive

Fly to Frankfurt from Moscow was the task, they showed a Boeing 737-500 landing in an airport to depict this.

Here were flight choices between the two cities per www.eskyguide.com

9:45pm Depart Moscow-Sheremetyevo RU (SVO)
Arrive Frankfurt DE (FRA) 10:55pm Aeroflot Russian Airlines
3h10m Meal Codes: 109
7:05am Depart Moscow-Sheremetyevo RU (SVO)
Arrive Frankfurt DE (FRA) 8:15am Lufthansa
3h10m Meal Codes: B 3189
5:50am Depart Moscow-Sheremetyevo RU (SVO)
Arrive Frankfurt DE (FRA) 9:05am Austrian / Austrian
5h15m Meal Codes: B 606 / 7201 *
319 / 320 Vienna AT

Schedule is slightly different at different times of the year

Lake & Michelle was the second team to arrive

Ray & Yolanda were the third to arrive
it was already dark at that moment

BJ & Tyler were the fourth team to arrive
still late at night

Fran & Barry were the 5th to arrive

They showed a Continental 737-800 w/winglets taking off at 9:05p as Flight 1 to Frankfurt; geez…

Danielle & Dani 6th to arrive

Wanda and Desiree 7th to arrive

Joseph & Monica are the 8th team to arrive
Dave and Lori were the last to arrive; but were not eliminated

But there are no more flights anyway

Lake & Michelle got the 9:15p flight
They were on an airplane with red seats which I think was Aeroflot

So now there are 7 teams at the airport

They showed a Boeing 747-400 landing looked like a Singapore Airlines flight
Eric & Jeremy then got on what looked like a high speed train to Stutgart!

BJ & Tyler also got on the 9:15p Aeroflot flight

But the flight was closed for the others
only four got on that flight
They showed a 737 taking off

First flight was the next day at 7a.

Nobody thought of connecting flights.

Eric & Jeremy got to Stuttgart, Germany at the Mercedes plant; race is at 8:30 a.m. the next morning; they still have a little lead though
Then Lake & Michelle and BJ & Tyler arrived

At 5 a.m. the other bought tickets for their flights
showed a Lufthansa (LH) B737-500 taking off from Moscow

Clue was to drive 200 miles to the Bavarian country side in Mercedes Benzs of course, driving on the autobahn to get there.

Then train 3 arrived with all the others, they went to Mercedes for the ride
Amazing what a car does at 170km/h! says one of them.

Eric & Jeremy arrives in Ellbach Field to search for the Travelocity Gnome
Then they have to drive themselves to Bavaria; well that was easy...

The next team: they met some drunken German guy and they drove him to the field
Lake & Michelle found the next one, then BJ & Tyler.

So then Lake & Michelle had to take the German drunk guy to his house so then BJ & Tyler followed them as they did not know where to go next. Then Fran & Barry arrived; found the gnome and headed for the Bavarian Film place

Wanda & Desiree and Danielle & Dani drove in circles

At Bavaria Film, they had a Detour; break the stunt bottles or perform a German folk dance

Eric & Jeremy did the bottle over the head piece and asked one of the German girls out for a date.

Even with dropping off the guy they made good time.

I need a changing room as I'm not wearing an underwear says one of the hippies before changing into the local garb.

The Seigestor is the Pitstop for the race and Eric & Jeremy is off to find it; the girl kissed them both on the cheeks.

Then Lake & Michelle found a label in the broken bottles.

BJ & Tyler continued and then found one; speaking to the girl in German
Fran & Barry did the dance lesson, Fran could not get it

Eric & Jeremy arrived first; way ahead of the others; they won a trip for two to the heart of Africa heading to Victoria Falls.
Phil asked for their gnome back.

Lake & Michelle were arguing again

Next to arrive was BJ & Tyler running backwards to the pit stop
then they said "Santa" to the guy as had a gray beard.
Lake & Michelle were team number three.

Then Dave & Lori did the bottle breaking thing and found a label

Fran & Barry was team number 4

Ray & Yolanda changed to the dance as they could not get the bottle thing done
Dave & Lori were the 5th to arrive

Wanda and Desiree were the last to arrive at the film place.

Danielle & Dani passed them as they went through the door

Wanda & Desiree were quick to do the dance.

They and the Double Ds ran to the pit stop, but Double Ds (Danielle & Dani) were the 8th team to arrive.

So Wanda & Desiree (daughter) were the last team to arrive and so they were eliminated

Not sure where they are next but I think it is Rome…

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