Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Amazing Race 9 - Episode 6

No aviation moments this week :-(.

BJ & Tyler leaves at 2:29 a.m. and have to drive to Catania, Sicily
Let's drive to that town that we can't pronounce they said as they were talking bad about the Frat boys saying they were dumb.

Next were Eric & Jeremy, said they have not traveled the world as much as the hippies and they were bitching.

Joseph and Monica was next saying that they are working well together, but they did not have a map, so they stopped and asked a guy for directions taking his map.

Fran & Barry were next, saying they were lovers, companions and best friends they were reading from an Italy tour book; looked like Lonely Planets.

BJ & Tyler got to the place but it did not open until 8:30a, so they left a sign saying that the teams should sign in.

Lake Michelle were next talking about how they bicker and fight, but all is well.

Dave & Lori were next to leave, Dave saying how frustrated he was with Lori in the last leg.

And finally Ray & Yolanda saying that she understand why she love him so much; they did not have a map so they stopped and asked for directions

Funny, the Frat boys were arguing about the sign in list; trying to think if it was real or not

Of course Fran & Barry got lost, but that was expected.

The Frat Boys and BJ & Tyler were the first to get in; the Frat Boys finding the clue first

They had to count the heads around the place they were (there were 41).

A Detour was the next clue; Big fish or little fish

Big fish - take a swordfish to the market for the clue
little fish - go to the market and sell 4 kilos of trilia for their clue

Fran & Barry frustrated and still lost after what seemed like hours...

The 4 boys pick up one fish each and then head for the market arriving at the same time and then getting their clues

Now they had to drive themselves to Siracusa for the next clue
BJ& Tyler seems to be having a good time.

Finally Fran & Barry found the first clue box.

So the dentist and his secretary arrived in the city and there is traffic
Dave & Lori are stuck in the traffic jam as well
Ray & Yolanda are also stuck in traffic, so they decided to park and walk

Fran & Barry decided to do little fish
Joseph and Monica carried the swordfish, but had trouble finding the guy to which to give the fish; Monica saying that this the worst thing that she had ever done. Finally they found the guy; now they are in 3rd place and of course Joseph could not pronounce the name of the city they were going.

Fran & Barry continue to sell fish with some success, selling their 4 kilos pretty quickly; now in 4th place.

Monica is seen complaining they she would smell of fish all day.

Lake just arrived at the first clue, but did not find the grounds keeper initially.

So now Monica decides that she wanted to borrow some clothes from a local; but had no success doing that.

Finally Ray and Yolanda found the first clue and decided to carry the fish

Last to find it was the lost Dave & Lori arriving and did their first clue and decided to carry the fish

The next clue was to Play Kayak Polo and just score one goal for their team

Jeremy scored and was done
So now Eric & Jeremy are in 1st place

BJ & Tyler just arrived as the Frat boys left they scored quickly and left for the pit stop on foot as the rules dictated.

The race is on for 1st place now... and the Frat boys arrived first amid a band playing and they won a cruise for two on Freedom of the Sea. Phil told them they stunk; the band dude (the local greeter) from Sicily did not think it was funny.

BJ & Tyler were next and happy to be that way.

Joseph & Monica were next to finish the challenge, then Fran & Barry.

Lake & Michelle were the next to arrive for the Kayak game, Lake kept yelling at Michelle, saying that he should have done the challenge.

Joseph & Monica were the third to arrive.

Fran & Barry were #4

Lake & Michelle were #5

Ray & Yolanda just arrived at the kayak and Ray did the task, capsizing his boat.

Dan & Lori were right behind them, Ray scored and then they ran to the pit stop to a waiting Phil
Dave & Lori just arrived as Ray & Yolanda left. Dave did the challenge.

Ray & Yolanda were the 6th team to arrive, So Dave & Lori are last now...Let's see if they get eliminated. Dave says that if this is a non-elimination round he would wash Lori’s clothes. The music got somber as Phil told them they were done!
"We had a ball, Thank you so much" says Dave and so did Lori.
Then they got sobby... walking off hand in hand
Nerds rule Dave signed off by saying...
I love it that each week someone gets eliminated; I can't stand that begging stuff when they have no money...
I hope they fly somewhere next week.
Next week they are Greece from the scenes from the next week’s episode.