Monday, October 30, 2006

Amazing Race 10 - Episode 7

Well, this week, I made sure I got home with enough time to catch the Race. I even gave up not going to the laundrymat! The Race started about 7:18 p.m. CT after "60 Minutes" had concluded.

There was a quick recap mentioning that David & Mary had to come in 1st Place or run the risk of being eliminated; well this they did as they got the Fast Forward aided by Erwin and Godwin. Erwin had faced his fear of heights climbing the Kuwait Tower.

As David & Mary arrived 1st they did not receive a 30 minute penalty and were the first to leave this week.
The annoying Sarah and David were eliminated as they arrived last, last week.

David and Mary departed at 12:37a. Today's initial task is for them to fly to Mauritius ( from Kuwait City, Kuwait (KWI); almost all of the mispronounced Mauritius.

In explaining the routing, Phil showed footage of an A320 taking off and then a Boeing 744 taking off when they described the next part of the routing. They then showed some additional footage of a British Airways (BA) Boeing 747-400 taxiing on the runway at some airport. None of the footage gave you any idea of the airports, etc.

When David and Mary arrived at the Kuwait City airport, they saw a travel agent who told them the best way to get there was on BA at 8:10a to London-Heathrow, England (LHR) and then a connecting flight to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International, Mauritius (MRU). Other possible connection cities are Paris, France (CDG) on Air France; Vienna, Austria (VIE) on Austrian Airlines, Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) on South African Airlines and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB) on Emirates Airlines.

BA156 arrives in London-Heathrow at 6:30p on the same day; as they arrive after the departure time of the Mauritius bound flight BA123, they actually had to overnight in London until the 3:45p departure. This flight arrives in Mauritius at 7:25a the next morning. BA only serves Mauritius three times a week (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

It would have been quicker going through Dubai on Kuwait and connecting to Emirates, but I guess British Airways is a sponsor, which explains why everyone had to be on that same set of flights.

Next Dustin and Kandice, the models left at 3:40a and like David & Mary Dustin also mispronounces the name of the island; funny how no one so far can pronounce "Mauritius"
"Maridius - never heard of it says Rob

When Dustin and Kandice arrive at the airport, they inquired and were offered the 8:10a flight via London. One of them mentioned “what country is London in?” "England," the agent responded. They then begin to rudely questioning the guy as to whether or not he knows the best way to get there; asking why they have to go all the way back to London and then pass Kuwait again to get to Mauritius (they had a map of the world).

Now it was time for Rob and Kimberly to depart. Rob calling the island “Maridius.” For crying out loud, can someone just pronounce it correctly? At the airport they get on the same flight as the others.

Next it was Lyn and Karlyn, who also pronounced the name of the island incorrectly.

Next up, Edwin Godwin departed and pronounced it correctly; it is about time.

Meanwhile at the airport, Dustin and Kandice said to Edwin and Godwin that the travel agents at the airport are not the brightest in front of their faces; how rude, I think.

Last to leave were Tyler and James who also pronounced the name correctly; as it was already daylight, it looked like they would miss the 8:10a flight, but this was not the case.

All this time Dustin and Kandice were trying to find another agent and got the same travel arrangements as before. They met up with Tyler and James whom they helped to get the tickets on the same flight. Lyn and Karlyn who were waiting to be next started fussing about that.
So now there was a verbal fight to the embarrassment of the ticket counter agent.
All this crap and everyone are on the same flights! [but I guess they did not know that, but still…]

Meanwhile, Erwin and Godwin got their tickets from another travel agent.

So now the models and the black girls are in an argument in front of the ticket agent; just incessant crap. Tyler and James were wrong to have the models buy the tickets for them.

Now they showed a BA Boeing 747-400 taking off from London Heathrow, but that should have really been a Boeing 777, taking off from Kuwait City. They we were shown a BA Boeing 747-400 landing possibly in Mauritius (at least the aircraft was correct); they were a bit sketchy about showing you them connecting in London though.

Once in Mauritius, teams must drive to Grand Baie to find a boat to retrieve their next clue; here they drive on the other side of the street, so they had to think about that a bit; strange how no one had trouble with the stick shifts as in other episodes.

The models stopped and asked where Isla Maurita is; the boat they had to find. Lyn and Karlyn also asked for directions; they both learned that it was on the north side of the island.

David and Mary were not too thrilled about having to swim. Finally Tyler and James stopped and got directions on how to get to Grand Baie so they cold get to the boat; it appears that they were lost as they usually are.

Once at the bay, they teams have to swim out to the boat which is actually pretty far out there; they were provided with shoes and life jackets

Tyler and James were stuck in traffic while everyone else was already swimming for the boat.

Dustin & Kandice were the first to arrive on the boat then they have to swim back; next to arrive on the boat is Erwin and Godwin who took a breather before they went back (good idea)
Meanwhile Tyler and James were still in traffic...

Lyn & Karlyn were the next to arrive and they both rested, then David and Mary arrived and rested as well. Lyn and Karlyn then both got back in to the water, followed by David and Mary

The next clue was that they had to go 49 miles to Casa Noyale to find a post office for their next clue. The models were the first to get back to the shore followed by Erwin and Godwin
Just then James and Tyler arrived; funny as they get in the water, there was a sign saying forbidden to do something; I'm guessing swim or go into the water at that point; I only saw "Interdit," which means forbidden.

Funny how they cannot pronounce "Casa Noyale" as well...

So, now everyone is on their way to the post office in Casa Noyale (which they mentioned was in the South of the island)
Again, James and Tyler are lost and have to turn around; James is a terrible navigator, how difficult is it to read a map...This is not the first time that he can't pull it together.

Meanwhile, Rob is having trouble getting the car into gear and of course is causing a traffic jam and walks out of the car due to Kimberly's nagging! He walks back into the car and tries it again
and now; the models get into an accident with a bus; luckily no one gets hurt; the cops show up and take a statement.
The “six pack” passes Rob and Kim on the side as they wait for a replacement car; sucks to be them.

The next clue is a Detour
Drive 2 miles to a salt mine and search for a salt shaker
Walk to a nearby dock and then take a boat 2/3 miles to an island and search for the boats mast and sail then attach it to the boat and sail back to shore; this is all assisted by a sailor.
The models choose Sea and are the first to do this task.

A replacement car is given to Rob and Kim per rules, but no time credit. Meanwhile James and Tyler are still trying to find the place.

Edwin and Godwin arrives next
then Lyn and Karlyn and David and Mary who choose salt
Tyler and James also chooses salt, Erwin and Godwin choose salt and Lyn and Karlyn chooses salt; so now everyone is all caught up except Rob and Kimberly.

Finally Rob and Kimberly arrive; Kim is a real pain, good Lord. Kim reads the clue while Rob annoys each other; they are really becoming annoying and they choose salt.

The models are not finding much luck either. So now finally Rob and Kim agree and leave to do the sea chore as they cannot find the salt shaker. Then Tyler and James decide to do sea as well. Just before that they show the models saying that they want to switch to salt as they could not find the sails. At this moment, Edwin and Godwin switch to sea as well and so do Lyn and Karlyn.

David and Mary keep at it though. The models finally find the sails after falling into a trap that is laid just before the sails.

The next clue is for them to go to Chateau bel Ombre for the next Pit Stop.

Tyler and James as usual have trouble finding the sails once on the island; they just cannot navigate at all.

At this point David and Mary give up and head back to the sea assignment. Rob and Kim find the sails as Kim falls into the trap before picking up the sails.

Tyler and James continue to argue and make little progress as they do. Edwin & Godwin
are next to arrive on the island followed by Lyn and Karlyn.

James and Tyler find their sail falling in the trap of course; David and Mary arrive arguing...

So now, the "6-pack" is the only ones left on the island. Lyn and Karlyn, Edwin and Godwin then find the sails and finally David and Mary.

When heading to the Pit Stop, Rob and Kim went the wrong way again; asking for directions eventually. It looks like the modes will be arrive first and they do, winning a motor scooter each.
Then James and Tyler arrives next and then Rob and Kim.
Now the 6-pack are trying to find the chateaux
David and Mary found the wrong place initially
Edwin and Godwin are next to arrive (4th)
then Lyn and Karlyn (#5)
Now comes David and Mary, you hear the loser music playing and you know what is next
But surprise; they are not eliminated!
They were so overjoyed; so once again, they are marked for elimination and must arrive at the Pit Stop first and will encounter a 30-minute penalty

Looks like they are still in Mauritius next week.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Amazing Race 10 - Episode 6

I taped this episode, but my VCR messed it up a bit, so I have to watch it very slowly, will do that tomorrow.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Amazing Race 10 - The missing Episodes

Well, I've missed the last two, well three episodes of the show. Why? CBS moved it to Sundays! I've arrived home late the first two and last Sunday, I had a massive headache so I missed the episode.

Unlike other TV channels/networks and even other CBS shows, The full episode of Amazing Race is not available for post-air viewing on their innertube site ( Instead there are just clips of things that occurred during each episode; now why is that CBS? If you can do this for the other shows why not the Race?

I just don't see you all getting the Emmy nod this year at all. Your show is good, but it is on at a bad time and I can't even catch up when I miss it. For all you readers that are saying why don't I get Tivo? Well, I can't afford it, that's why! Besides, why should I have to purchase something to record a TV show when I should be able to watch it on demand after it is first aired? I still have a VCR that works, but I always forget to set it; that is so '80s anyways.

Hopefully I will be near a TV set next Sunday, so I can see the next episode, or if I miss it, CBS would have read this blog and added complete episodes as opposed to clips (one can only dream).