Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars - Episode 11

Aired April 29, 2007

The race at the 11th Pit stop in Macau, China
Dustin and Kandace left at 2:15a
The next clue was to fly to Guam
My trusty schedule at showed the following choices:
· 7:55am 8:25pm NRT 10h30m JAL730/Continen7 M/D 777/738
· 8:30am 8:25pm NRT 9h55m NWA2/Continen7 /D 744/738
· 9:10am 8:25pm NRT 9h15m Cathay504/Continen7 /D 744/738
· 9:15am 8:25pm NRT 9h10m HKDrago360/Continen7 /D 330/738
· 9:40am 8:25pm NRT 8h45m ANA912/Continen7 M/D 763/738
When describing the task, they show a Boeing 747 taking off from below and another Boeing 747 landing. I was unable to determine the carriers.

Charla and Mirna left at 2:50a
Oswald and Danny left at 3:06a
The blonds got on the first ferry

At 4:37a Oswald and Danny left and got the 6:30a ferry
At the airport Dustin and Kandace tried to get a flight.
They got Cathay Pacific (CX) to Guam via Tokyo departing at 9:05a and arriving at 9:50p
Charla and Mirna called on the phone and made reservations and picked up the tickets at the airport.
So I think Danny and Oswald should get this same flight.

All the three other teams so far are on the same flight
They showed a CX Boeing 747-400 at the gate while showing Oswald and Danny running through the airport.
They did show the interior of the CX plane with Eric and Danielle seated.
Oswald and Danny were late, so they missed the 9:05a.
They then showed a flight attendant closing the door to an airplane followed by a Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 taking off.

The next flight for Oswald and Danny at 10:15a which makes the same connection in Tokyo-Narita, Japan (NRT). They will have 45 minutes to make the connection.
They then showed a CX Boeing 747-400 at the gate followed by a CX Boeing 747-400 taking off. It was great that they showed a map of the racers going from Hong Kong to Tokyo and then to Guam.
They then showed a United Airlines (UA) Boeing 747-400 landing in what I assume to be Tokyo-Narita.

Three teams were aboard. They were all connecting to Continental Airlines (CO) 7 to GUM at 17:05. They showed them checking in and getting their boarding passes.
They then showed a Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 landing with Oswald and Danny aboard. They showed them heading to the Continental Airlines check-in counter.
The flight was boarding so they had to really hurry.
They then cut away to a Continental Airlines Boeing 767-400ER sitting at the gate and then cut away to the interior of a Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800.

The flight looked pretty empty as they waited for the others to arrive. They showed Oswald and Danny running to the lane and cut away to an engine of a plane running.
They showed a Continental Boeing 767-400 at the gate a few times, but the interior shot was that of a Continental Boeing 737-800.

All four teams made the connecting flight to Guam.
They then showed a Boeing 777 taking off; I was unable to discern the carrier.
They showed an airplane landing as well, but I was unable to tell which airline it was.
They had to wait until the next morning at 7:00a to meet their military escort as they were going onto a military base. So they could have caught the last flight in and still would have had enough time to get there at 7:00a. The last connection choice would have arrived at 4:30a the next day.

Once in Guam, they had a detour, they had to clean the plane or drop a care package
Charla and Mirna did the care package while all the others did the other task the blonds were first to finish cleaning the plane drive to the US naval base in Guam where they will be driven to the next clue
Then Eric and Daniele were next. Charla and Mirna were trying to rush the landing of the flight
Oswald and Danny were now done; then the plane land and the girls ran off the plane
All four of them are on their way to the naval base now Charla and Mirna was lost

Next clue Road Block
Do a naval search and rescue mission
Kandace and Dustiin were first; Dustin did the task
Then Eric and Danielle; Danielle did it
Oswald and Danny lost asked a taxi to lead them
Mirna and Charla were next to arrive; the Charla did it
Dustin was first to get to the landing zone
Now drive to the next pit stop at Fort Soledad, the last team to check in will be eliminated
Dustin and Kandace were the first to arrive and they are in the final for $1M
They also each won an all terrain vehicle

Danielle was the next to get picked up
Then Charla gets picked up by the helicopter
The Oswald gets picked up by the helicopter
so they are close now Charla landed first
then Oswald
Eric and Danielle were team #2 to arrive and are in the final
Charla and Mirna were team #3
So Oswald and Danny get to go home...
Karma is a bitch!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars - Episode 10

Aired on April 22, 2007

The show started in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Jockey Club (#10 pit stop)
Oswald and Danny left at 3:41a
The clue was to travel by Turbo ferry to Macau in China; they each have $73 they have for this leg of the race.

Dustin and Kandace left at 5:23a
Go to the Macau Tower is the next clue; there is a Yield ahead
When Oswald and Danny got there, they realized that the Tower opened at 10:00a, I hate that; this means that most of the others will catch up.
At 7:06a Charla and Myrna left
Danny and Oswald told Dustin and Kandace that if they don't pay them they will Yield them
The girls conferred for a bit and decided to pay then $45 if they used the Yield on Eric and Danielle instead of them. The boys accepted the deal as they were running low on money.
At 9:31a Eric and Danielle

By now, Myrna and Charla had joined the other two teams.
The ride they had to do for the clue did not open until 11a.
Charla offered Oswald and Danny money, but since they had bribed the others they declined it
The top of the Tower is on the 61st floor; so they had to take the elevator up there.
A Road Block is the next clue - Walk around the outer rim of the Observation Deck and jump off the building; Kandace, Danny and Charla did it.
The next clue is to take a taxi to Lou Lim Yoc Garden to find the next clue
Eric and Danielle was just arriving when the blonds were leaving
Oswald told Myra that they yielded Eric and Danielle, and Myrna said that they would have given them money if they had asked.
Eric and Danielle were not too happy about being yielded
Eric gave Danny the finger as they passed him waiting in the distance.

Danny jumped off the tower next
Then Charla jumped off
Oswald and Danny got to the next clue first
It was a Detour
Noodle or Dragon
Make noodles in a restaurant or Find a dragon head and drum and take to the boat

  • Myrna and Charla had trouble driving the mini moke as neither knew how to drive a stick shift
  • Dustin and Kandace were the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop; they won a wave runner each
  • Eric and Danielle were the second to arrive, so now they have to wait a half an hour before being checked in.
  • Charla and Myrna were the third to arrive, but were team number 2 since Eric and Danielle had a penalty
  • Oswald and Danny were lost a bit and now there was ten minutes to go with Eric and Danielle
  • As time ticked Eric and Danielle were quite nervous, but it was time to check-in so they were team #3 to arrive
  • Oswald and Danny were the last team to arrive and since this was the last non-elimination leg they are still in the race, but with the 30 minute penalty for the race. Karma will get you every time...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amazing Race Allstar - Episode 9

Aired on April 15, 2007

Dustin and Kandace left at 12:28a

The new clue is to fly to Hong Kong; here are the choices that I got:

Some Thai airways flights over Bangkok, Singapore Airlines over Singapore and Malaysia Airlines.

They show a Singapore Airlines (SQ) Boeing 747 landing as well as an ANA Boeing 747-400 landing; both the wrong airplane for this segment of the race.

At 1:29a Charla and Myrna left followed by Danny and Oswald at 2:19a.

All the teams had trouble getting out of Malaysia

Oswald and Danny got out first.

A vocal fight ensued between Dustin and Charla about their position on the standby list

Oswald and Danny gave Charla and Myrna their position on the list, but Dustin and Kandace thought that was unfair, so they were debating with the ticket agent about it.

Dustin and Kandace got on the flight next and then Myrna and Charla got on that same flight

9:05a was the next flight via Ho Chi Minh City arriving at 3:20a

A Malaysia Airlines (MH) Airbus A330 was shown taking off, then they showed a MH B737 taking off with whom I thought were the four girls.

Then they showed a Cathay Pacific (CX) A330 landing with Oswald and Danny

The next clue was a Fast Forward - the second one of two

It was to participate in an action packed stunt sequence

At 12:55p they showed Charla arriving in Kuala Lumpur International (KUL) with Dustin and Kandace

Oswald and Danny completed the Fast Forward, then had to drive to the Hong Kong Jockey Club as the next clue.

They have to bring the gnome they encountered with the next clue with them

Eric and Danielle finally arrived after the others have already started the tasks

Myrna went on the wrong Ferry sadly

Oswald said they only had $20 left and they had to spend it to pay the toll.

Candace did the road block; kicking down doors

Oswald and Danny were first to arrive at the pit stop and won a travel package to Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese News Year

Candace found the clue in the house where she was kicking down the doors and must now drive to Victoria Park for the next clue.

They did that and then got the clue to drive to the next pits spot at the Hong Kong Jockey Club

Charla did the door kick in one

By now, Eric and Daniele completed the karate kick clue and headed for the kick down the doors exercise

Dustin and Kandace were the second team to arrive at the pit stop with the gnome

Then Charla found the next clue

Eric did the kick down the doors deal

Then Charla and Myrna got the gnome in the boat and headed for the Jockey Club for the pit stop

Eric and Danielle were just getting to the park after Charla left

then Eric and Danielle had to go to the Jockey Club

Myrna and Charla were trying to find the club

Eric asked for directions

Charla and Myrna were #3

So Eric and Danielle were the last team to arrive but it was not an elimination round, so they were saved; however, for the next round they stood the chance to be eliminated as they have a 30 minute penalty.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars - Episode 5

Aired - Sunday, March 18, 2007

I missed the original air time as I was delayed in returning home so a friend of mine taped it for me.

The show started at Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world; Funny as neighboring Punta Arenas, Chile also stakes this claim. Ushuaia is the 4th pit stop for the race.

The others were shocked that Rob and Amber were no longer in the race, but were also glad they were gone.

Oswald and Danny were the first to depart at 12:02a

They had to use a device to find an avalanche beacon which is buried with their next clue at Marshall Glacier.

At 12:06a Eric and Danielle departed, followed by Terri and Ian at 1:04a, Joe & Bill at 1:55a, 1:58a Dustin and Kandace at 1:58a, Uchena and Joyce at 2:38a and finally at 2:41a, Myrna and Charla. It is so much easier now to keep track of everyone.

The ski lift to the glacier opened at 8a so everyone caught up; it is kind of pointless when they do this; I think they should let them enter the Glacier based on the same time intervals that they had departed the pit stop.

Joe and Bill were first to find the beacon with the next clue which was to fly to Maputo, Mozambique (MPM). They then showed an Austral MD80 taking off and then showed an airplane with winglets in flight landing; possibly a Boeing 737; good grief at least show the same aircraft landing that you show departing.

Teams had to use a travel agency to buy tickets as they could not buy the international tickets at the Ushuaia airport (USH). They then showed an airport with a Qantas A330 at the gate...I am pretty sure that was not Ushuaia. In case the contestants could not find an earlier flight, they were all given tickets for the last flight to Maputo.

Uchena and Joyce were the next to find the clue.

Terri and Ian were #4
Charla and Myrna were #5
Dustin and Kandace #6
Oswald and Danny were last to find the clue
There was a flight departing at 9:40a which Oswald, Danny, Terri and Ian were able to get.

At one point you could see the reservations as the camera panned across the printer, but it was fuzzed out.

The next shot showed them in the interior of an Aerolineas Argentinas (AR) plane showing a 2-2 First class configuration with coats being hung at the back of First class. Then, an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400 (744) was shown taxiing and then showed a MD80 (M80) taking off; it is the same plane they showed when they talked about flying to Maputo initially.

I must congratulate them though on showing the full routing of the trip:

  • Ushuaia, Argentina (USH) to Buenos Aires to
  • Argentina (EZE) to Sao Paulo to
  • Brazil (GRU) to Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) to
  • Maputo, Mozambique (MPM).

Then they showed a Boeing 737-200 landing in what was possibly Maputo. The next image shown was the Maputo airport sign with African music playing in the background and then the Boeing 737-200 again. The airline is LAM a local airline in Maputo with its Web site visible on the side of the plane as as they disembarked and started running. The aircraft's registered was BAI (Lurino).

After landing, they all got a car with a driver provided; the next clue was a road block:

Who smells a rat

Then they had a detour

Pamper: go to the market and convince people to paint their nails

Porter: fill 10 large 45lb bags with coal

Fortaleza is the next pit stop

Myrna and Charla in first place as they finished the task first - nail painting, they won a trip for two from Travelocity to Aruba

Dustin and Kandice were #2
Terri and Ian were #3
Oswald & Danny #4
Phil said he was surprised they went for the coal
Joe and Bill #5
Eric and Danielle #6; Eric said they got beat by a bunch of queens (referring to Joe and Bill)

Uchena and Joyce were the last to arrive; this not an elimination round though, but the bad news is that they must arrive 1st at the next pit stop or they have a 30-minute penalty.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars - Episode 3

Aired - Sunday, March 4, 2007

There are now nine teams remaining

They were in the Valley of the Dead at the second Pit Stop
Rob and Amber departed at 11:39p

The next clue was to drive to San Pedro de Atacama for the next clue.
At 12:18a Oswald and Danny left.

When Rob and Amber got to San Pedro de Atacama, the clue is to fly to Puerto Montt. As they explained that a LAN Chile Airbus A320 in the new LAN Chile livery was shown taking off. Then a LAN Boeing 737-200 was shown landing. It was also in new colors

Joe and Bill next to depart, followed at 12:33a by Eric and Danielle, then at
12:34a Uchena and Joyce,
12:48a Dustin and Kandice,
12:50a Teri and Ian,
Charla and Mirna were next
12:55a David and Mary

Calama, Chile (CJC) is the nearest airport to Puerto Montt, Chile (PMC), however there are no nonstops flights, so they had to connect via Santiago, Chile (SCL). There is also another flight that connected via Antofagasta (ANF), Chile.

Rob and Amber found a travel agency and bought tickets to Puerto Montt arriving at 12:55p. All the others camped out at the LAN ticket counter at the Calama airport.

Uchena and Joyce thought about booking the tickets online, for the first four teams that had first arrived at the airport. They left to find an Internet kiosk which they did. However, they did not get the security codes for the cards of two of them.

By the time the counter opened, only the flight arriving at 1:55p was available for all the others.

Eric and Danielle were able to get on that 12:55p flight as well.

They then cut away to a LAN Boeing 767-300 taking off to show they were leaving from from Calama which should have been an Airbus A319 and then they showed another Boeing 767-300 landing at Santiago, Chile (SCL); of course should have been another Airbus A319.

At the airport they got on the standby list for the earlier flight; they quickly showed a Boeing 767-300 taxing at SCL.

Unfortunately, the flight was checked in full, so none of them could stand by for it.
They then showed a LAN Boeing 767-300 taking off at 11:15a, then an A320 taking off and landing as the first flight; aargh.

1st. flight
Rob and Amber
Uchena and Joyce
Joe and Bill
Eric and Danielle

2nd flight
All the others

Next clue
Road Block
Fish Farming - catch 80 fish and find clue at the bottom of the tank
Danielle - freaking out as Eric yelled at her
Joe did it
Uchena did it
Danny did it
Kandice did it
David did it, although Mary says he is afraid of fish

Uchena is first to finish

Clue - drive 50 miles to Petra La Maquina for the next clue

Joe was next to finish

Then Mirna arrived and did her clue
Then Amber and Rob was done
Then Eric and Danielle was done
Dustin and Kandice was done next
Then David and Mary were done next considering he was afraid of the fish
Oswald and Danny were done next
Then Teri and Ian
Charla and Mirna left last

Rob and Amber arrived first at the location for the next clue
Then Eric and Danielle arrived.

The next Clue is a Detour:
River wild - 2.5 mile white water rafting and get the full clue
Vertical Limit - 40' rock climb and get 1/2 clue at the top; they never explained how they would get the other half, but I guess the ½ clue would tell you how to do that.

Dustin and Kandice are doing the wrong thing it seems as they did not pick up the clue, they just went down the river, then picked up the clue at the end…I am sure they will get into trouble for that later.

Rob and Amber got the clue first as they finished the white water rafting.
It read: Drive 3.5 miles to Playa Petrohue which is the next pit stop.

Again Rob and Amber were the first to arrive and each won a full home gym; this is getting tiresome with them winning all the legs; Rob did comment that he was hope they won the 13th and final leg as that is the one that really counts.
Uchena and Joyce were #2
Eric and Danielle were #3
So Dustin and Kandice were the 4th team to arrive, but they did not pick up all their clues so they had to go back; they did not pick up the clue for the Road Block. They then went back and got it, and arrived as the official team #4 to arrive; no one came in during all that time – weird.
Oswald and Danny were #5
Teri and Ian were #6
Joe and Bill were #7
Charla and Mirna #8
So David and Mary are last, now what?
The music is somber as they arrive as team #9 and they were eliminated!

It is time they get out of Chile now...