Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars - Episode 10

Aired on April 22, 2007

The show started in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Jockey Club (#10 pit stop)
Oswald and Danny left at 3:41a
The clue was to travel by Turbo ferry to Macau in China; they each have $73 they have for this leg of the race.

Dustin and Kandace left at 5:23a
Go to the Macau Tower is the next clue; there is a Yield ahead
When Oswald and Danny got there, they realized that the Tower opened at 10:00a, I hate that; this means that most of the others will catch up.
At 7:06a Charla and Myrna left
Danny and Oswald told Dustin and Kandace that if they don't pay them they will Yield them
The girls conferred for a bit and decided to pay then $45 if they used the Yield on Eric and Danielle instead of them. The boys accepted the deal as they were running low on money.
At 9:31a Eric and Danielle

By now, Myrna and Charla had joined the other two teams.
The ride they had to do for the clue did not open until 11a.
Charla offered Oswald and Danny money, but since they had bribed the others they declined it
The top of the Tower is on the 61st floor; so they had to take the elevator up there.
A Road Block is the next clue - Walk around the outer rim of the Observation Deck and jump off the building; Kandace, Danny and Charla did it.
The next clue is to take a taxi to Lou Lim Yoc Garden to find the next clue
Eric and Danielle was just arriving when the blonds were leaving
Oswald told Myra that they yielded Eric and Danielle, and Myrna said that they would have given them money if they had asked.
Eric and Danielle were not too happy about being yielded
Eric gave Danny the finger as they passed him waiting in the distance.

Danny jumped off the tower next
Then Charla jumped off
Oswald and Danny got to the next clue first
It was a Detour
Noodle or Dragon
Make noodles in a restaurant or Find a dragon head and drum and take to the boat

  • Myrna and Charla had trouble driving the mini moke as neither knew how to drive a stick shift
  • Dustin and Kandace were the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop; they won a wave runner each
  • Eric and Danielle were the second to arrive, so now they have to wait a half an hour before being checked in.
  • Charla and Myrna were the third to arrive, but were team number 2 since Eric and Danielle had a penalty
  • Oswald and Danny were lost a bit and now there was ten minutes to go with Eric and Danielle
  • As time ticked Eric and Danielle were quite nervous, but it was time to check-in so they were team #3 to arrive
  • Oswald and Danny were the last team to arrive and since this was the last non-elimination leg they are still in the race, but with the 30 minute penalty for the race. Karma will get you every time...

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