Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amazing Race Allstar - Episode 9

Aired on April 15, 2007

Dustin and Kandace left at 12:28a

The new clue is to fly to Hong Kong; here are the choices that I got:

Some Thai airways flights over Bangkok, Singapore Airlines over Singapore and Malaysia Airlines.

They show a Singapore Airlines (SQ) Boeing 747 landing as well as an ANA Boeing 747-400 landing; both the wrong airplane for this segment of the race.

At 1:29a Charla and Myrna left followed by Danny and Oswald at 2:19a.

All the teams had trouble getting out of Malaysia

Oswald and Danny got out first.

A vocal fight ensued between Dustin and Charla about their position on the standby list

Oswald and Danny gave Charla and Myrna their position on the list, but Dustin and Kandace thought that was unfair, so they were debating with the ticket agent about it.

Dustin and Kandace got on the flight next and then Myrna and Charla got on that same flight

9:05a was the next flight via Ho Chi Minh City arriving at 3:20a

A Malaysia Airlines (MH) Airbus A330 was shown taking off, then they showed a MH B737 taking off with whom I thought were the four girls.

Then they showed a Cathay Pacific (CX) A330 landing with Oswald and Danny

The next clue was a Fast Forward - the second one of two

It was to participate in an action packed stunt sequence

At 12:55p they showed Charla arriving in Kuala Lumpur International (KUL) with Dustin and Kandace

Oswald and Danny completed the Fast Forward, then had to drive to the Hong Kong Jockey Club as the next clue.

They have to bring the gnome they encountered with the next clue with them

Eric and Danielle finally arrived after the others have already started the tasks

Myrna went on the wrong Ferry sadly

Oswald said they only had $20 left and they had to spend it to pay the toll.

Candace did the road block; kicking down doors

Oswald and Danny were first to arrive at the pit stop and won a travel package to Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese News Year

Candace found the clue in the house where she was kicking down the doors and must now drive to Victoria Park for the next clue.

They did that and then got the clue to drive to the next pits spot at the Hong Kong Jockey Club

Charla did the door kick in one

By now, Eric and Daniele completed the karate kick clue and headed for the kick down the doors exercise

Dustin and Kandace were the second team to arrive at the pit stop with the gnome

Then Charla found the next clue

Eric did the kick down the doors deal

Then Charla and Myrna got the gnome in the boat and headed for the Jockey Club for the pit stop

Eric and Danielle were just getting to the park after Charla left

then Eric and Danielle had to go to the Jockey Club

Myrna and Charla were trying to find the club

Eric asked for directions

Charla and Myrna were #3

So Eric and Danielle were the last team to arrive but it was not an elimination round, so they were saved; however, for the next round they stood the chance to be eliminated as they have a 30 minute penalty.

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