Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amazing Race - Unfinished Business - Episode 2

This week, the show is competing agains the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, CA, so I'll be switching channels.

It opens with Jet & Cord trying to figure out the clue from last week's episode.

Meanwhile at Shelly Beach Manly, Australia, the other teams are heading back to Sydney where they'll be taking a charter flight to Broken Hill. Apparently, only the first 6 teams can do this.

14 minutes in, Jet & Cord arrives at the Pit Stop.

Again et & Cord could not find the "To Sail to Stop" clue.

They boarded a Regional Express (REX)-operated Saab 340. The interior matched and they did show the correct airplane takeoff and land. it was kind of difficult to screw this one up :-).

At the Pit Stop in Junction Mine
  1. Sve and Justin were the first to arrive who won a trip to Cancun, Mexico at the Fiesta Americana; cool place, I've stayed there once
  2. Flight Time and Big Easy
  3. Jet and Cord
  4. Kisha and Jen
  5. Margie and Luke
  6. Mel and Mike [Mike looks older than his dad]
  7. Kent and Vyxsin
  8. Jaime and Cara
  9. Gary and Mallory
  10. Ron and Christina
  11. last place music plays - Amanda and Kris were last to arrive and as such they are eliminated - Good riddance!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amazing Race - Unfinished Business - Episode I

So, the 11 losers are back and they start in Palm Springs, CA

The Losers are:
  1. Jet and Cord
  2. Margie and Luke
  3. Amanda and Chris
  4. Flight Time & Big Easy - Harlem Globetrotters
  5. Mel and Mike
  6. Kent and Vixen
  7. Gary and Mallory
  8. Keisha and Jen
  9. Sev and Justin
  10. Ron and Christina
  11. Jamie and Kara
These are the same annoying people we got to watch in the past and now have to put up with once more...

Will be interesting to see which of these losers lose first tonight.

The first team to check-in tonight at the pitstop will win an Express Pass - Use it skip a challenge in the future.

Different rules this time around. First clue is in Phil's hand. Must find something in the desert
First 8 teams will be on first flight
The rest on the second flight that lands 90 minutes later
The last team to complete the challenge will get a U turn.

They will be driving

They are looking for "QANTAS" Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services is the clue from Phil.
So they will be flying to Sydney or melbourne from LAX on Qantas (QF).

Finally a few of them figured it out; the first 8 are:
  1. Mel & Mike
  2. Zev & Justin
  3. Jet & Cord
  4. Kent Vyxsin
  5. Ron & Christina
  6. Flight Time & Big Easy
  7. Margie & Luke
  8. Jaime and Cara
Second Flight
  1. Kishan & Jen
  2. Gary & Mallory
  3. Amanda & Kris - got the automatic penalty - the 'U' Turn
Palm Springs to LAX is not too much of a bad drive

So they are going to Sydney on LAX "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity, Again," says Jet & Cord, seriously!

This means the fist 8 get to go on the A380 and the others on the 747-400. I'd prefer to be on the A380. QF12 at 10:25p

From: Los Angeles (LAX)
To: Sydney (SYD)
Date: February 20, 2011

Result: 2 Routes

DurationFlight NumbersMealsAircraft

LAX10:25pmSYD8:25am+215h00m Qantas12RM 388
LAX11:50pmSYD9:25am+2 14h35m Qantas108RM 744
Meal Codes: B:Breakfast, C:Alcoholic Beverages - Complimentary, D:Dinner, F:Food for Purchase, H:Hot Meal, K:Continental Breakfast, L:Lunch, M:Meal, O:Cold Meal, P:Alcoholic Beverages for Purchase, R:Refreshments, S:Snack or Brunch

They can't even spell Qantas; someone spelled it as "Quantas".

Showed a Boeing 747-400 taking off
showed another 747-400 taking off.
This may have been done when QF had issues with the Airbus A380 and used Boeing 747-400s instead.

On the first plane, a guy had a heart attack and they landed in Hawaii to take care of him.

They showed a 737-400 landing in SYD.
Then showed a 744 landing in SYD when they talked about the teams being on their way.

QF108 landed first, they showed a Boeing 747-400.

Its amazing the Oprah influence; people kept saying "We're going to Australia!"

Then they showed a Boeing 737-400 landing with the second folks. Seriously, they did board a Boeing 747-400.

Looks very familiar. That airport train is really expensive; I love Sydney though.
  1. Gary & Mallory won the Express pass as they were the first to arrive at the Pit Stop, but they are still racing.
  2. Amanda & Chris
  3. Kisha & Jen
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. Mel & Mike
  10. Kent & Vyxsin
Jet & Cord can't figure it out...It continues next week.