Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amazing Race - Unfinished Business - Episode 2

This week, the show is competing agains the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, CA, so I'll be switching channels.

It opens with Jet & Cord trying to figure out the clue from last week's episode.

Meanwhile at Shelly Beach Manly, Australia, the other teams are heading back to Sydney where they'll be taking a charter flight to Broken Hill. Apparently, only the first 6 teams can do this.

14 minutes in, Jet & Cord arrives at the Pit Stop.

Again et & Cord could not find the "To Sail to Stop" clue.

They boarded a Regional Express (REX)-operated Saab 340. The interior matched and they did show the correct airplane takeoff and land. it was kind of difficult to screw this one up :-).

At the Pit Stop in Junction Mine
  1. Sve and Justin were the first to arrive who won a trip to Cancun, Mexico at the Fiesta Americana; cool place, I've stayed there once
  2. Flight Time and Big Easy
  3. Jet and Cord
  4. Kisha and Jen
  5. Margie and Luke
  6. Mel and Mike [Mike looks older than his dad]
  7. Kent and Vyxsin
  8. Jaime and Cara
  9. Gary and Mallory
  10. Ron and Christina
  11. last place music plays - Amanda and Kris were last to arrive and as such they are eliminated - Good riddance!

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