Thursday, October 12, 2006

Amazing Race 10 - The missing Episodes

Well, I've missed the last two, well three episodes of the show. Why? CBS moved it to Sundays! I've arrived home late the first two and last Sunday, I had a massive headache so I missed the episode.

Unlike other TV channels/networks and even other CBS shows, The full episode of Amazing Race is not available for post-air viewing on their innertube site ( Instead there are just clips of things that occurred during each episode; now why is that CBS? If you can do this for the other shows why not the Race?

I just don't see you all getting the Emmy nod this year at all. Your show is good, but it is on at a bad time and I can't even catch up when I miss it. For all you readers that are saying why don't I get Tivo? Well, I can't afford it, that's why! Besides, why should I have to purchase something to record a TV show when I should be able to watch it on demand after it is first aired? I still have a VCR that works, but I always forget to set it; that is so '80s anyways.

Hopefully I will be near a TV set next Sunday, so I can see the next episode, or if I miss it, CBS would have read this blog and added complete episodes as opposed to clips (one can only dream).

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