Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Amazing Race 9 - Episode 2

My friend Lonestar IMed me while the show was going on...
He was on the West Coast in Oregon state.

Lonestar: is amazing race on at 7 or 8
Me: at 9C
Me: started :27 mins ago
Lonestar: so started at 9
Me: yes
Lonestar: shoot that means 10P
Lonestar: not for 3 more hours
Lonestar: well 2.5
Me: odd that it started at 9p this time
Lonestar: i dont know if i will be up that late
Me: i hear u
Lonestar: i was hoping it was 8/7 E/C
Me: me too; this waiting until 9p sucks!
Me: they added that new show the unit to the line up so that was after NCIS
Me: i slept through the whole thing
Me: well, i won't tell u anything about it
Me: i'll be quite
Me: i missed the first 11 mins as i was asleep
Me: show is back on
Me: they definitely need the map to show where each one is

No report of the beginning, but here is what happened at the end.

Hot Dog we got a date with Phil says BJ & Tyler as hey approached the it stop

BJ & Tyler were the first to arrive
Shut up and stop it! they said
They won a trip for two to Tahiti from

Eric & Jeremy were the second to arrive
Where's the damn Phil at they said.

Joseph & Monica were the third to arrive at that time the others were still completing the tasks

Jim & Lori are team #4

Ray and Yolanda were team #5

Double D's were team #6

Fran & Barry had a dead battery; a replacement car was given to them, but no time credit (standard rules)

Lake & Michelle are having a hard time getting there; following some guy who had to get gas

Lake & Michelle were team #7 to arrive.

Danielle & Dani were team #8; right behind Lake & Michelle

Now they show Fran & Barry at night driving so are the two sisters

The drama heightens as we see Fran and Barry arriving as team #9, saying that they thought that Phil would be sleeping.

Now we see the two sisters arguing as usual and arriving last and crying
Lisa & Joni were the last team to arrive and so they were eliminated.
It is always fun to hear what they say when they lose :-)

They are in Moscow next; I have to figure out how they get there.

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