Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Episode 8

Well the new episode was quite good, picking up right where they left off last week. There were no aviation aspects this week though as they were running around India.

We did lose the couple Lynn and Alex as they went to the wrong castle for the pit spot. This gave Gretchen and Meredith time to catch up to them, sparing elimination. Uchena and Joyce did the fast forward which cost Joyce her locks as she had to do an Indian ritual that required her to shave her head. Lucky for Uchena his head was already shaved. Not to be outdone, Rob and Amber came in third behind the POW and the beauty queen who are just not right for each other, as each week shows.

I'm guessing that next week they will head to somewhere in Europe as they seem to have wrapped up their Indian adventure.

Somehow this episode was kind of a yawn.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to your commentaries? I enjoyed reading them. Thought there would be some interesting things to say about the final episode. Namely that MBJ-SJU actually went via MIA, and the LHR-KIN stopped in MBJ (hence it was so dark out when they landed in KIN, after a 12:40 pm LHR departure).
-Jay (NYCFlyer on

Cruisinaltitude said...

You are correct Jay and I am in the process of making the updates. Actually, the JM flight to KIN that you correctly noted stopped in MBJ was delayed as they arrived so late. I am sure the producers were not happy. One other thing to note is that they could have gone nonstop from Gatwick depending on the day of travel!