Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Recap

This is the recap episode on a non-show night (Wednesday).

They did explain what happened to Patrick; he bumped his head while getting on the bus and had to get stitches.

Of course the blunders continued as they showed them on a map going from Cusco to Lima as opposed to Arequipa to Lima. They did talk about the two brothers (Brian and Greg) sharing a room with the two girl roommates (Megan and Heidi) while waiting for the connecting flight out of Lima to Santiago; nothing happened. So they did take an early morning flight from Lima to Santiago, which makes it a little confusing as I thought they had taken a red eye flight over to Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE).

So looking back at my timetable program, I still can't figure it out; unless they went to a hotel in Buenos Aires and not Lima. That makes more sense, as there is a Lineas Aereas (LR) flight that arrives in EZE at 3:19 a.m. I'm tired of racking my brain...

They still showed the same 747-200 landing in Johannesburg; so I guess that is the only footage they have of South African Airways.

I got a glimpse of the next episode and it is apparently somewhere where the people are of Indian descent; that could be many countries in Asia...Stay tuned.

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