Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Amazing Race 8 - Episode 3

O.K. It continues to be dull, ut this week, they actually do some flying; geez...
Well, it started with them in some town at about 2:26 a.m. Today, they had to fly from Washington-Dulles airport in Sterling, Virginia (IAD) to Charleston, SC (CHS).

In Dulles, they showed Independence Air taking off using the correct aircraft type. However, they did show a US Aurways Embraer E-170 taking off as opposed to the Boeing 737 that they boarded.

One thing was odd though is that they showed one of the families in an airplane that was not one of the ones at the airport; the interior of the airplane was definitel that of a Continental aircraft. They really need a proper aviation consultant :-).

Once in Charleston, they showed the correct airplane arriving for Independence Air; kind of hard to screw that one up as they only have two aircraft types. They also did good by showing the same type of aircraft for US Airways that left Dulles arriving in Charlotte; kudos. However, United got cheated as they did not show their plane landing.

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