Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Amazing Race 8 - Episode 4

O.K. They preluded this episode with a statement that the scenes were filmed in Louisiana and Alabama before Hurricane Katrina and Rita passed through.

It was interesting, I am sure creepy for the affected families who lived there, to see downtown New Orleans sans water...

One thing that is sick about this whole show is how bad some American families are... Again, I'd never talk to my parents the way some of these kids do.

Still another dull episode of listening to families bitch at each other. In the end the family that lost is the one that did not keep it together and sadly enough they were from Louisiana.

Let's hope they fly somewhere next week, sigh...

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airtrent said...

Hey I love the blog and love amazing race. However, I am a little let down so far with this season's destinations. Did you notice last week how they flew to Panama and yet it didn't show their layover in Houston (on Continental) or Dallas (on American). I find this surprising because if they took the first flight out on Continental they would of had about a 6 hour layover in Houston. Nothing to film in IAH? I doubt it.