Monday, November 20, 2006

Amazing Race 10 - Episode 10

The show started at about 7:20p after 60 Minutes.

Aired Nov. 19, 2006

First, threw was a quick review of last weeks show showing an Airbus A340 taking off in the night.
Picking up from where they left off last week, they had to go to capital of the country in which Chernobyl is located, which none of them knew was Kiev, Ukraine. No blame there the average person does not know this anyways.

James and Tyler were the first to get the clue as they repelled down the tower first.
Next Kandice and then Dustin went down the Tower; while Kandice was coming down and the camera was looking up there was an airplane flying right over at the time; I was not able to see what kind it was though.

Lyn and Karlyn were the last to start the task.

Tyler and James arrived at the airport, and then Dustin and Kandice were behind them
Then Lyn and Karlyn deserted Edwin and Godwin and headed for the airport
Next were Rob and Kimberly to finish and head for the airport.

It was quite late when they arrived at the airport; 9:17p at night. There were no flights that day to Kiev; the next flight was at 8:25a the next morning arriving at 1:25p via Vienna; so of course they were pissed as they had lost their lead.

There was also another choice to take another airline that left at 9:25a via Warsaw. Strangely enough they did not show the airliners; I was pretty upset about the aviation aspect of this segment.

Really the choices through Vienna was on Austrian Airlines; a Fokker F70 connecting to an Airbus A319; it is hard to be certain about this as I am not certain when the race was run. If it was say in June then Finnair has a 10:00a nonstop flight that arrived at 2:00p

The Warsaw options were on LOT Polish Airlines; possibly an Embraer 170

The interesting thing is that had they not gotten to the airport so late that night, they would have perhaps made the 8:45p Lot Polish flight to Warsaw, Poland, overnighted and gotten to Helsinki first thing in the morning, but oh well.

It is still hard to figure out the schedule since it is post facto.

Rob and Kim have to get their tickets at 6a. as they arrived after the ticket office closed.
They then showed a Qantas Boeing 767 at the gate while all this was going on; I don’t even think that Qantas flies a 767-300 into Helsinki; geez…They codeshare with their partner Finnair over Bangkok or Singapore.

So they all get in at the same time at 1:35p despite the different flights. Oddly enough they did not show a map of the route…

Next morning, they showed an Airbus A340 taking off, then an Alitalia Boeing 777 landing, then another A330 taking off; good Lord, is there no one at CBS into aviation or travel?

One of the flights was delayed; the one going through Warsaw, so those three teams were not happy.

Then they showed a Boeing 737 landing in what I assumed was Kiev.

The teams found the clues in the parked cars in the airport; they had to go to the Oster tank school for war training.

Dustin and Kandice and James and Tyler were the first two out and followed a cab driver to their destination; smart.

They then showed a Lot Polish Boeing 737 landing with the other three teams; Rob and Kim; Edwin and Godwin and Lyn and Karlyn.

It is funny or ironic that one of the Cho brothers was wearing the “LOST” shirt as they got lost… Finally one of the Cho brothers found a cab to help them.

This was a Road Block to Drive Tanks; one team member had to do this task.

Rob was having difficulty driving the car.
James and Dustin drove the tanks.
Dustin passed James as James stalled the tank.
Dustin finished first ahead of James to collect the next clue which was to drive 43 miles back to Kiev to apartment #33 in a building to receive their next clue.

Kim took the road block for Rob and Kim
Finally Lyn and Karlyn arrived and Godwin and Lyn did the driving.
So the Cho brothers waited for the girls; they really need to get it together, this waiting thing is driving me crazy, it is a race guys.

Rob and Kim’s car broke down as it overheated, hey were given a replacement car, but no time credit.

The Cho brothers were going the wrong way and had to ask for directions. Meanwhile James and Tyler and Dustin and Kandice found the lady and got their next clue.

It is a Detour: Make the music or find the music
Make the music is to do a rap song about all the countries they’ve visited.

Find the music – go to the National music academy to find a piece of music and give it to a player.

Dustin and Kandice – Make the Music
James and Tyler – Find the music

Edwin and Godwin stopped again to ask for directions; good grief, it is driving Lyn and Karlyn crazy and me too…

Rob and Kim chose make the music.
Finally the Alabama girls left the Cho brothers and tried to find the place on their own.
James and Tyler found the piece and gave it to the player as the blondes did their rap.
The girls got the clue and so did the boys: drive two miles to the great patriotic war museum which is the next pit stop. So now the race is on between Dustin and Kandice and James and Tyler for 1st place.

Ron and Kim did the rap
So did the Cho boys and Lyn and Karlyn
Rob and Kim then headed to the memorial accompanied by two locals
James and Taylor were the first to arrive and they won a trip for two from Travelocity to Puerto Vallarta
The Chos were still asking for directions
Dustin and Kandice were #2 to arrive
Rob and Kim were #3
The Chos’ switched to Find the Music
Uh oh, the Chos are in trouble as they drove down a closed street and had to show documents to the cops
Lyn and Karlyn were team #4 to arrive; good bye Chos…
Finally the Chos were released and arrived at night at the monument with the somber music.
They were eliminated.
Looks like next week they are in Rome; let’s see if they get the aviation aspects correctly, but somehow, I doubt it.

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