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Amazing Race 10 - Episode 11

Aired Sunday, November 26, 2006.

I had arrived home from a five day trip and was very exhausted so I fell asleep and awoke when Rob and Kim had a flat about :35 minutes into the show.

Luckily, I had two of my friends tape the show (thanks guys); one of them called me almost at the end of the show to chat about; he is a big fan of the blonds and I told him my plight.
Later that week I received a copy of the show, so here goes:

As Tyler and James arrived first last week, they were the first team to leave at 7:33 a.m.
Today’s task is to fly to Quarzazate, Morocco (OZZ) which is between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert; I had never heard of that town; good for the Race producers in branching out to out of the way places.

They then showed and Air France A318 taking off when talking about the routing, then showed a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 landing on a dry runway; not sure where that was.

Next it was Dustin and Kandice to leave at 7:41 a.m.
Once again, Tyler and James were confused while navigating their way to the airport…

Rob and Kim were next at 8:19 a.m.
Rob still had trouble with the car, but made it to the airport anyways.

The blonds were seen at the airport under a Lufthansa sign asking someone about how to get to Morocco; they guy mentioned that they should get to Milan, Italy (MXP) and they will get a connection flight from there. This flight would put them into Casablanca, Morocco (CMN) at 3 p.m., however, the connection in Milan would be very tight. It looks like it was on Ukraine Airlines possibly as that was the sign above the ticket desk.

Of course as Tyler and James were lost, they were the next to arrive at the airport.

When they tried, the seats were sold out from Milan to Casablanca, so the boys were not able to get a ticket. Then the blonds finally told the agent that they were heading to Quarzazate as their final destination; now they had a flight that would get them there at 10:55 p.m. from Casablanca.

It was now Lyn’s and Karlyn’s time to leave at 9:08 a.m., revealing that all the teams were not given any money for this leg of the race. One of them asked what language do they speak in Morocco and the other said Moroccan (it is actually a few languages, the main ones of which are: Arabic, Spanish in the North due to its proximity to Spain and French due to the strong French presences in the early 1900s)…

Rob and Kim caught up the laxed Tyler and James and teamed up to get a flight via Paris that arrives in Casablanca at 4:35 p.m. This would be on Air France it seems as the cameras panned to an Air France logo. They would still connect to that same flight the blonds would be on to Quarzazate.

So for the two routings:
Ukraine International to Milan, Italy (MXP)
Then Ukraine International once again to Casablanca, Morocco (CMH)
Then Alitalia to Quarzazate, Morocco (OZZ)

Route 2

Air France to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France (CDG)
Then Air France once again to Casablanca, Morocco (CMH)
Then Royal Air Moroc to Quarzazate, Morocco (OZZ)

They then showed Dustin and Kandice inside a single aisle aircraft; it is a Boeing aircraft by the looks of the overhead bins. Then they showed an overhead shot of a Boeing 747-400 taking off saying that Dustin and Kandice were heading for Casablanca via Milan, Italy.

Next Lyn and Karlyn arrived at the Air France counter and got a flight to Paris, but it connected to a later flight that would arrive in Casablanca at 10 p.m. They would connect to the same 10:55 p.m. flight to Quarzazate; I really hate when they all get caught up, but I think the producers do that as it makes for easier filming…

They did show Tyler and James in an Air France aircraft (had Air France colored seats) and showed that same Airbus A318 taking off as they did at the beginning of the show.
Then they showed a map of them going from Kiev to Paris then to Casablanca.

Next they showed a Ukraine International Boeing 737-500 landing and then possibly the same aircraft at the hard stand in Milan, Italy at 11:45 a.m.
The girls hauled ass to make the connection, but the lady at the connection counter said the flight was closed as they were within the 25 minutes of departure. The girls were not too happy about this and wandered off to try and find another flight.

Then they showed an Air France Boeing 777-200 landing at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France (CDG) at 1:20 p.m. [Actually, Air France does not operate the Boeing 777 from Kiev to Paris] I guess the camera guy is an engine buff as he showed a Boeing 747 engine running up close as Phil narrated.

They then showed Rob and Kim, James and Tyler walking in the airport and then on a single aisle airplane heading for Morocco. They then showed a Boeing 777 taking off again; possibly an Air France jet as it was all white.

While Lyn and Karlyn waited for their flight in Paris, (they had a 3 hour connection) they bought a map of Morocco so they could get the lay of the land; good move on their part I think.

They then showed a plane landing at an airport which they said was Casablanca, Morocco at 4:35 p.m. It was hard to tell which aircraft it was as it was shown through the heat wave from the runway. It actually looked like a Boeing aircraft; twin engine and possibly in Royal Air Moroc colors.

Then we next saw all four of them get tickets from Royal Air Moroc’s ticket counter for Quarzazate and asking where were the blonds.

Then they showed a twin-engine aircraft landing in Casablanca, Morocco at 10:00 p.m. it was an Airbus aircraft, but I could not tell which one. It was either, an A318, A319 or an A320; Lyn and Karlyn were onboard.

Then they showed an aircraft landing at an airport and then they showed the blonds walking up an escalator and checking in for their flight to Quarzazate; it sucks that they did not show us which flight they got on in Milan…

The aircraft was a 3-3 configuration aircraft and the interior looked like an Airbus aircraft, based on the overhead bins, but I think it was a Boeing 737.

Then they showed a twin-engine aircraft taking off as Phil narrated the map showing them going from Casablanca to Quarzazate; I am assuming it was on Royal Air Moroc.
Then the same Airbus aircraft that was shown before landing was shown again landing; this time I noticed the runway markings 25L-7R; this runway is not Quarzazate as the lone runway there is 12-30.

The blonds were able to sneak out of the airport and hired a cab so they could follow them to the next stop on the race; the others were annoyed; but why? it is a race, why should the blonds tell them what they are up to.
Lyn and Karlyn were following their map and were the first to find the clue:
Travel 6 miles to Atlas Studios for their next clue
Careful, there is a Yield ahead…
The blonds still waited for directions and James and Tyler waited as Lyn and Karlyn got some guy in a car that helped them.

All the teams got a local guy to show them where to go.

Rob and Kim were second, then Tyler and James and lastly the blonds as the guy took them to the wrong place. So now the race is on to see who first gets to the Yield.

Lyn and Karlyn got there first, but it was closed until 8 a.m. the next day; when the others arrived they could not believe that the Alabama girls had arrived first. Now they all waited for the gate to open.

James and Tyler were first to make it the mad short run to the Yield, Rob and Kim second, The blonds were third and finally Lyn and Karlyn lumbered in. The blonds chose to Yield the Alabama girls!

The next clue was a road block: Play Gladiator and collect a flag as you race around the course twice.
Rob chose the task
Dustin chose the task and so did James
James’ horses freaked out and kind of ran in the wrong direction for a bit.

Dustin got the first flag, then Rob then James missed his flag…
Meanwhile the Bama girls waited for the Yield time to run out
Dustin then grabbed her second flag and so did Rob
Now James got his first flag

Next clue drive to Idelssan for their next clue

Rob and Kim were first off followed by Dustin and Kandice
James finally got his second flag and now Bama girls were just finishing having waited for the yield time to run out.

James and Tyler were the next to leave for the café in Idelssan
Rob and Kim developed a flat so they had to stop to change it, but they did not have a jack; when he found it, he could not get it out. Someone stopped and helped them

James and Tyler were the first to get to the café; the new clue is to
Throw It: throw two clay pots
Grind It: go to a horse ranch grind olives and fill a pressing sleeve
Only three workstations available

The blonds did the Grind It; while James and Tyler decided to do the Throw It, but changed their minds as they thought it was too hard.
Lyn and Karlyn decided to do Grind It as throwing a pot is too difficult
By now Rob and Kim’s tire were almost finished changing
James and Tyler gave them some information to help them to find the place; the blonds jetted by.
Rob and Kim decided to do the Grind It as well.

Tyler and James were the first to find the North African Horse which is where the next task was, then Lyn & Karlyn; meanwhile the blonds passed it.
Rob and Kim were next to arrive at the Horse, then finally the blonds. They now had to wait as there were only three machines.

James and Tyler was the next to finish; the clue is to drive to the next pit stop which will be off the road to Marrakech; someone may be eliminated it cautioned.

Lyn and Karlyn were the next to depart
Then Rob and Kim finished
Finally the blonds; now the race is on for the first to arrive at the pit stop and it is James and Tyler, who turned back a bit to get their good luck charm as they had forgotten it in the car.

So James and Tyler were team number 1
They won a Sprint Treo phone each
Then Lyn and Karlyn checked in as team #2 although they got yielded

Of course Rob and Kim asked for directions but the blonds we still looking as well
Rob and Kim found the race flag but had trouble finding the place where Phil was, but was still able to be team #3; so will the blonds get eliminated?

So Dustin and Kandice were the last team to arrive, but were not eliminated as the round is a non-elimination round. So they must arrive first for the next leg as they will get a 30 minute penalty and be eliminated.

The race is on, and next week someone will be eliminated I’m sure…

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