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Amazing Race 10 - Episode 13 (The Finale)

I was actually home to watch this one and also taped it to ensure that I got all the cool stuff.

Aired December 10, 2006

The race started at: 25 after the hour due to the football game going over.
Phil recapped the episodes and prepared us for the final two hours where one team will win $1M and the race

From the 11th pit stop in Barcelona, Spain, Rob and Kim left at 11:09p
The clue is to go to the Sagrada Familla to find their next clue
It’s been under construction for the last 124 years; they do not know that this is the building they want. They asked the locals, found out the name and then took a cab there.

Having arrived second, Lyn and Karlyn left at 11:24p. They asked two boys for directions to the church. Funny how people were still up and about at that time of the night.

Rob and Kim could not find the clue as usual.

At 11:53p James and Tyler left and saw three girls and asked for directions.

Then Rob and Kim found the clue finally.

As Phil explained the next leg of the trip, they showed a Boeing 777 from behind flying; nice shot! It could have been an Air France aircraft or a Continental aircraft. The clue is to fly to Paris, France to the Eiffel Tower for their next clue.

They then got a cab and went to the airport. I’m sure they have to wait until the net morning to get a flight, since it was so late.

Then James and Tyler got to the airport. They got to the airport at 1a and the desk opened at 4a. So they all had to wait

James and Tyler argued about checking for an Internet café and one said why bother, then settled down on the floor to sleep with the others.

Now Bama finally found the clue box and hailed a cab for the airport.

They looked at the boards and saw a few flight choices. at 6a to Paris
Iberia at 7:25a to Paris

As the windows opened they all tried to buy tickets, but there were only three seats left on that first flight and Rob and Kim got the first two.

One seat left for the 6a and Tyler and James were next, but they needed two seats of course, so they have to get a different flight. The lady told them to go to Air France in Terminal A. Odd as I thought that would be where they would have gone first; geez…

So Bama started to walk over to Iberia, while Rob and Kim got on the first flight with 1:05 minutes lead.

Bama got the 7:25a flight to Paris’ arriving at their second airport, Orly at 9:05a using Iberia; can’t find that flight in my schedules… The girls did ask which one is closer to the Eiffel Tower and the agent said Orly, which is true.

James and Tyler argued about the fact that they could have done something last night as opposed to just sleep and wait for the ticket office to open; oh well, hindsight is 20/20.
Then they got on the 7:05a arriving at 9:00a into Charles De Gaulle on Air France.

Rob and Kim were shown boarding a’s Airbus A320, they then showed them settling in inside the interior of the plane.

As they showed Flight 1 at 6:00 a.m., an American Airlines Boeing 757-200 was shown taking off! Holy cow, what happened to the Airbus A320 they just boarded?

Next they showed the two boys getting on an Air France Airbus aircraft as Flight 2 at 7:05a and showed an A318 taking off, but the scheduled flight is actually an A321. There was also a British Airways Airbus A319 landing as well.

They then showed Bama heading out to a parked Iberia Airbus A319 on a bus on their way to Orly. Then showed them settling in onboard as then as Flight 3 at 7:25a.

So Phil says all three teams are now on their way to Paris, France and once they land, they have to make their way to the third floor of the Eiffel Tower where they will find their next clue, and they showed an Air France Boeing 747-400 landing; nice, but could they at least show one of the types they took off with?

When he mentioned Flight 1 arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle, they showed an MD-80 landing. Then showed Rob and Kim taking the RER B into the city as it was faster than taking a cab and less costly as well.

For Flight 2, they showed an Air France Boeing 777 taxiing at Charles de Gaulle airport; then they showed Tyler and James asking airport employees for the faster way to the city. They agree that the train is the way to go, but there was a long line to get tickets, which is usually the case at De Gaulle depending on when you arrive; especially early morning.

Next they showed what I think is an Iberia Airbus A320 landing at Orly, then showed the two girls walking down the jet way and getting a cab into the city.

Lyn and Karlyn arrived first
Followed by Ron and Kim

The new clue is to take the train from the St. Lazare station to Caen airport for the next clue.

Finally Tyler and James arrived and got the last clue and headed for St. Lazare

Ron and Kim took the Metro after asking directions while Lyn Karlyn took a taxi.
So did James and Tyler as they were really running behind now.

The train to Caen was at12:25p.
Ron caught up with Bama and now they are all on the same train to Caen

In Caen they all took a cab to the airport for the next clue.

Road block: fly to 13,000’ and one team member do a tandem skydive and then a surprise aerial nose dive to Omaha beach. Then be taken by jeep to meet their partner
James and Tyler were first; Tyler will jump.
Then Bama
Then Rob and Kim arrived crashing into the clue box

So Rob is bummed as he wanted to do the skydive, but it is Kim’s turn
So is Kim as she wanted him to get that opportunity.

All teams suited up and headed aloft for the task.

James and Tyler’s team were first

Then Bama (Karlyn jumping)

Then Rob and Kim (Kim jumped)

Once on the ground, they went to the train station to meet their partner

Jams and Tyler were first to reach the ground; the new clue is to head by train back to Paris for 163 miles, to Place de la Concorde for the next clue

James and Tyler at 5:33p arriving at 7:37p
Then Bama
Then Rob and Kim
Now they are all on the same train
Rob and Kim had to change money at the post office into Euro so they went to the post office 10 minutes away as they had time; will they miss the train?

A train showed up and they (Bama and the boys) took a train at 5:10p
When Rob and Kim showed up they wondered where they all went

So then the 5:23p train showed up. Did the others take the wrong train?
So there were two trains and now they are caught up at the connecting station arriving in Paris at the same time

In Paris, finding a taxi was a chore as usual
Bama first
Rob and Kim second
As Tyler and James waited
Finally they got one

Bama arrived first
But Rob and Kim found the clue first.

Art – pickup a painting and take it to an artist
Fashion – create a jacket at a fashion school

Rob and Kim asked for direction to the fashion place
Bama showed the fashion as well

Then James and Tyler arrived.

Now all three are doing the fashion assignment

Bama was the last to arrive.

Finally James and Tyler finished and got the clue.

The clue is to fly to New York, NY and go to find the giant globe in a building for their next clue. New York would be the last stop.

They showed from underneath, a Boeing 747 taking off when they talked about NY,
I think it belonged to Air France.

Then Bama got it completed

Rob and Kim were last.

So Bama went to Orly in error; NO!!! I shouted. They thought that the other teams have no idea about Orly, so they may have an advantage; WRONG!

Then Ron and Kim are on the way to Charles de Gaulle and are arguing as usual
They, the boys arrived at Terminal 2C

The first flight is at 8:25a no seats in Economy though; they went on the waiting list, but did buy a ticket on Continental at 9:55a arriving into Newark at 11:55a.

So now Bama is at Orly and find out they have to go to CDG

I wonder what time they arrived as there are pm flights.

Finally Rob and Kim arrived late as it was dark. Rob and Kim asked and they got seats on that 8:25a Air France; I wonder how that happened?

But they could have flown to a connecting city; London and taken a British Airways or Virgin Atlantic late flight into New York. I guess they were not thinking. It is hard as I am not sure what time they arrived at the airport. Even then they could have gone to London and took an early flight the next morning from London to New York and still arrived at the same time as the Air France flight.

The next day, we saw Bama and the boys are waiting to get on the 8:25a flight
Footage showed a Continental 777 taxing a well as an Air France flight.

James and Tyler were called to the desk and got two boarding passes
Bama did not get on and had to take the Continental flight that arrived later, thus sealing their fate.

Rob and Kim had the look of death on their face when they saw the boys boarding…

They then showed a Continental Boeing 777 taking off though although they were on board an Air France aircraft; an Airbus A340 I think.

Then they showed Lyn and Karlyn at the Continental Airlines ticket counter getting their tickets.

Then they showed an Air France Boeing 777 landing, but it was actually landing in Paris Charles de Gaulle, although they were supposed to be in NY.

Then they showed an American Airlines agent opening the door to an American Airlines plane, then showed Rob and Kim running in an airport.

Now Rob and Kim are following James and Tyler to the News Building.

James & Tyler’s cab tried to lose them, but that did not work. At the toll bridge, Rob and Kim’s taxi did not have an easy pass, so they lost them. However, the cabbie did know where the globe was.

James and Tyler arrived their first. The new clue is to go to east village and fine the Alamo sculpture shown in the picture and find a woman in a yellow cap who will give them their next clue. They were at 42nd street and have to go to 8th on foot!

Then Rob and Kim arrived.

They both stopped and asked for directions.

A guy told them that it was at 3rd avenue and 8th street

James and Tyler arrived there first.

Next clue take a cab 56 miles to Garrison in Putnam county to St. Basil Academy where the first to arrive will win 1M dollars.

The first cabbie did not know where the place was.

No sign of Bama at this time.

Then Rob and Kim arrived and found a cabbie that knows where is the address.
The driver got directions as he drove to figure out where to go.

So the cabs arrive and we don’t know who the winners are but I think it is James and Tyler ahead of Rob and Kim.

And so it is they run in and all the other contestants are waiting and cheering them on.

Phil says:

4 continents
13 countries
40,000 miles
James and Tyler you are the official winners of the Amazing race

It is not a two-hour finale at all…

Now Rob and Kim came running in
Saying “Damn the boys won!”
The other racers cheered as they ran in.

Then Bama arrived, not sure how long after in tears.

Next Amazing Race All stars coming in February 2007.

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