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Amaxing Race 10 - Episode 12

Aired Sunday, December 3, 2006

I was out of town, so I missed the episode on Sunday; I tell you Sunday is a really bad day for this show…Luckily two of my friends religiously tape it, so I asked one of them to send it my way. Unfortunately, I missed one of them on his way out of the airport on Monday when I returned. They both uploaded it to my web site so I could watch it. Here goes…

In the review for the show, an Air France A318 was shown taking off from an airport when Phil mentioned the previous week’s Ukraine to Morocco trip. This was the same footage from last week’s show.

They started by showing a quick recap of last week’s show; at that point they had an icon on the screen promoting the finale on Dec. 10. go to, it said. I checked it stupidly, so now I know who got eliminated, but you won’t know until I am done…

First to depart were Tyler and James at 5:30a; the sun was already up so it must have been during the Summertime.
The new task is to drive 275 miles through the Atlas Mountains to Casablanca, Morocco where they have to go to a market to find the next clue.
The plan they echoed was: knock the Blonds out

Next it was Lyn and Karlyn (Bama) who left at 5:31a who also have a plan to get rid of the Blonds.

Next with $295 for this leg (just like the others), Rob and Kim departed at 5:47a. Surprisingly they were not arguing, but it is early yet.

Dustin and Kandice (the Blonds) left last at 6:16a. worrying about the 30 minute penalty that may meet them.

Tyler and James stopped and asked for directions, so did Lyn and Karlyn and Rob jumped out at the light to ask for directions.
The Blonds stopped and picked up a guy who took them there.
James and Tyler arrived first and got their clue.

It is a Road Block: Get in touch with their inner chef; good Lord they have to eat something again?
Get a pound of camel meat, cook it and then eat it. At least it is cooked this time.
James did the eating.

Then the Blonds arrived while Lyn and Karlyn stopped and asked a cab driver whom they then followed. The Blonds were next to find the clue and they found a kid to show them the way. Meanwhile Rob was still asking for directions. The Blonds then showed up and started cooking.

A few minutes after, James finished eating and got the next clue, which was to fly to Barcelona, Spain (BCN). They then showed what looked like an A321 from Air France taking off and then another Airbus aircraft flying; the scene was of the left engine seen outside of an aircraft window.

Iberia, Royal Air Maroc have nonstop service, while Air France has service over Lyon and Paris, France. Alitalia also has service over Milan and Rome, Italy.

The girls continued to cook.
Rob and Kim were still looking for the parking place.

As James and Tyler left, they ran over the parking cones. Rob and Kim were of course lost once more. If they win this race, it will be a miracle and the other teams in the race must have gotten lost as well.

Lyn and Karlyn just arrived and started looking for the place.
Rob and Kim argued while trying to find the place.

Next Dustin and Kandice were done and left. Stupidly Rob and Kim followed the Blonds thinking they had just arrived.

Lyn and Karlyn had no luck either.

Finally Rob sees the clue box and dashes over followed by Lyn and Karlyn.
Kim decided to do the Road Block

James and Tyler were the first to get to the airport and were told to make their way to the Royal Air Maroc ticket counter

Lyn and Karlyn (arguing) finished eating before Rob and Kim, so they headed for the airport.

Then the Blonds arrived at the airport and asked Tyler and James if they would let them arrive at the mat first; of course they said no and rightly so, the audacity.

The boys got their tickets first, followed by the Blonds, then Lyn and Karlyn showed up followed by Rob and Kim. All on AT962 codesharing with Iberia as IB7962 departing at 16:30 (4:30p).

They then showed passengers boarding (by stairs) a Royal Air Maroc (AT) Boeing 737-400 and then showed an Air France (AF) Boeing 777 taking off as Phil narrated the next leg of the journey. Good grief; this was the same aircraft they had shown before and I though it was an Airbus aircraft; but I saw the three truck wheels on the landing gear and recognized it as a Boeing 777.

In Barcelona, they showed an Iberia Airbus A319 landing. As they got out of the terminal, everyone bolted for the taxi stand.

So despite all the rush, they arrived after the closing time of 7:30p, so they had to wait until the opening time at 10:00a the next morning; I swear the producers plan this perfectly…

In the morning just before opening, the Blonds asked two construction workers who were just outside of the maze, to order a cab for them for 10:05a.

Bama were still arguing from the night before and mentioned that maybe they should get a cab as well, but did nothing about it, while Kim ordered two cabs for themselves plus Rob and Tyler.

Rob and Tyler found the clue first after they all pretty much collided while trying to find the clue, then Rob and Kim found the clue.

The next task is a Detour: Lug it – travel by taxi to Los Ramblos then put on a giant costume then walk back to a square and find a giant lady.

Or Lob it - Take a taxi to partake in the tomato fight, where they will find a clue.
Lyn and Karlyn were last to find the clue, but first to get out of the park as they walked another way to get out; smart.

There was a little taxi confusion as there were only enough cabs for the Blonds and Ron and Kim.

Lyn and Karlyn and James and Tyler had a hard time getting a cab; not sure why they did not just ask the guys who were standing around to call one for them?

Soon Lyn and Karlyn hailed a cab successfully.

Rob and Kim arrived at the tomatoes and while they started to look for the clue, the locals threw tomatoes at them, which is the objective of the task. Kim wanted to leave, but Rob wanted to stay, as he pummeled the people throwing the tomatoes. So Kim stormed off and started shouting at Rob, but continued searching reluctantly.

Meanwhile the Blonds found the giant statues and donned them.

Kim continued to cry and quit once more and stormed off; so Rob, annoyed left with her.

So they argued and then returned to the tomatoes as the alternate task was 20 km away and they would waste too much time trying to get there. In what seemed like a few minutes they found the clue after being pelted some more with tomatoes by the locals.

Rob did try to keep her calm as he dug.
The clue read that they had to travel across town to the Palau Nacional of Mont Juic for the next pit stop; the last team may be eliminated. Now they are on their way to the pit stop

Next Lyn and Karlyn arrived and got immediately pelted
Tyler and James arrived at giants and donned their costumes.
They met up with the Blonds and got directions.

Lyn and Karlyn argued about whether to go to the alternate task or not.

The Blonds and the guys kept asking directions as they go.
Now Lyn and Karlyn found the clue and bolted.

Meanwhile Rob and Kim arrived at the pit stop first and won a place into the final three and for the leg won a trip for two to Barbados.

Rob broke down on the mat and says he wants to marry Kim

The Blonds found the tall girl first followed by the boys. Now the race is on to see who gets on the mat first as three teams are in taxis and on their way to the pit stop.

It looked like Rob and Tyler arrived first at the park and then the Blonds, then they looked around to find the mat where Phil is located.

Then Lyn and Karlyn arrived and were the second team to arrive on the mat being the first all female team to make it to the final.

Now the race is on to see if the Blonds are last.
But Tyler and James beat them to it, so the Blonds are out! Mission accomplished for all three teams as they all wanted to beat Dustin and Kandice.

So let’s see how next week goes with these three teams; they are all confident that they will each win, as they should be, but we know that only one team will win.

I am seeing NY taxis in the preview of next week’s show, so it looks like they will be in NY next week. Also, I saw the emblem of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in one of the scenes, so I can assume they go from Barcelona to Paris to New York, but can’t figure out where they end up as it is in an outdoor park somewhere.

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texasphoto said...

I still dont understand why everyone wanted the blondes out. Everyone was just jelious, did not want to face the toughest competition. It is a shame after all the wrong turns and such the other teams made, that the first mistake the blondes make cost them their race. Oh well.