Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Episode 2 - funny stuff

Rob and Amber continues to be hated by the group especially when they lied to them about telling the security guard not to tell the others that the later bus got to Arequipa first. Rob then became defensive when the others asked about it

Patrick hurt his right eye and they did not explain how that happened; but by the time he got to Santiago, he was fine...umm...

A low point was when Patrick and his mom ran out of money it seems and had to beg some locals. But it seems that they ran out of local currency, at least initially. I'm still rooting for these two.

Patrick and his mom did finally run out of money at the market and started trying to sell flowers; it is pretty funny as some of the others also did not have enough money and the folks gave them the stuff for free; go figure.

So Rob and Amber won the round and won a trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas, while Megan and Heidi were the last to arrive so they are gone; the two brothers just barely missed it though.

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