Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Episode 4

Well, the new episode just finished and it did not disappoint.

In this episode they leave Mendoza, Argentina (MDZ) and head for Buenos Aires-Newbery, Argentina (AEP), the local airport. At first I use my trusty eSkyGuide Airline Timetable (using the 7-Day Lookup feature) and looked up MDZ to Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE) and saw that there were no nonstop flights between the two unless a connection was made through Santiago, Chile (SCL). Then I remember that Buenos Aires has two airports and then it all worked.

Taken from eSkyGuide

From: Mendoza MD AR (MDZ)
To: Buenos Aires-Newbery BA AR (AEP)

Flight From Depart To Arrive Via
AR2403~ MDZ 8:10am AEP 9:42am
AR1405 MDZ 9:50am AEP 11:22am
AR1417 MDZ 2:30pm AEP 4:02pm
AR1429 MDZ 7:50pm AEP 9:22pm
AR1423 MDZ 8:20pm AEP 9:52pm
AR1421 MDZ 9:20pm AEP 10:52pm
AR1407/AR1535 MDZ 5:05pm AEP 8:15pm COR

Not all these flights operate all day.

The teams have to catch either the 9:30 a.m. or the 2:30 p.m. flight (the schedule changed slightly as I am not sure when they flew; I picked December as they mentioned that it was Summertime [seasons are flipped in the Southern Hemisphere]; it may have actually been earlier since they need time to edit, etc. but who knows).

The flights are both Boeing 737-200 flights lasting about 1:32 in length. Well the cameras did show them boarding a Boeing 737-200 (Yes!) and the interior was also that of a Boeing 737-200 as well (Yes!). A lot of footage was shown at the airport on the tarmac and the interior as the cunning Rob and Amber showed up at 9:25 p.m. and was still able to get on the flight, much to the dismay of the other three teams that were already on board. To add insult to injury , Rob and Amber ended up winning this round!

The second group was able to catch the 2:30 p.m. and no one was left behind; although there were later flights, but would not have worked as they had assignments that required daylight in Buenos Aires; actually Tigre, Argentina. Which the train lovers would have liked as they had to take a train out to Tigre.

Of course the continuity was flawed, when they showed the first team arriving in a Boeing 767 (they showed a Boeing 767 landing). Which I don't even think go to the local airport. They did redeem themselves though when they showed the second team arriving in a Boeing 737-200; one out of two is not bad I guess.

I have not been to AEP, so I could not tell if they were at that airport or another airport in Argentina when they were getting the cabs or their bags, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Oh, my favorites, Patrick and his Mom, lost and deservedly so; Patrick whined the whole time and just about gave up when he thought that they did not have a chance, much to the chagrin of his Mom. Based on Patrick tantrum in Episode 3, I figured they would not last another episode and so said so done. I'm gonna miss them; sorry Mom...

Looks like they are heading to Africa next week, so that should be a blast to see how they get there.


Jay said...

just wanted to say thanks so much for this blog, I'm a huge TAR fan and a huge aviation fan (member of airliners.net - are you?) so keep up the good work, I read this every week!

I always get annoyed at how the producers allow for bunching. It's unfair to the teams who have worked hard to build up a lead. I must admit I was surprised at first that AR didn't have any other flights to AEP between 9:30 and 2:30 (they are, after all, the two biggest cities in Argentina), and thought the producers were just being annoying, but was relieved to see that wasn't the case. I hated, though, that in Santiago, Chile the carpark was closed until 5am, allowing every team to catch up. Couldn't they have parked cars somewhere else? So annoying. Oh well.

Cruisinaltitude said...

Hey Jay, thanks for your comments. I am glad that you are enjoying the blog. Yes I am a member of Airliners.net as well.

I do hate the catch up factor; makes it just silly that you get a good lead...