Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Episode 3

Well, the saga continues. There were no aviation aspects in the show last night. The only thing was that the announcer said the following in his re-cap:

"Teams had to get from Cuzco, Peru (CUZ) to Santiago, Chile (SCL)."

When in fact, they had to get from Arequipa, Peru (AQP) to Santiago, Chile (SCL), oh well.

They show pretty much had them going from downtown Santiago to a town in Argentina; Puento Vallejo I think. They had to cross the beautiful Andes mountains (which I've only done by air; check out the pictures). A few of them got lost (one team heading up on the beach) another driving around the city for almost 1.5 hours before finding the highway exit.

Despite how much I can't stand Rob and Amber, they actually did good this week and kind of redeemed themselves by using good strategy to not be eliminated. Knowning the rules of the game is a big part of it all.

All in all, entertaining as usual. Hopefully, they will fly somewhere next week; see you then.

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