Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Episode I - Funny stuff

As I watched the race, I could not help but notice the following:

It was quite interesting to listen to what one brother (Brian & Greg) had to say to the other when he saw the two girls (Debbie & Bianca, I think) kiss each; He was like, did you see that to this brother, and then blew it off by saying "nevermind."

Also, either Debbie or Bianca said that Patrick looked like a guy she dated and Patrick quipped, "really? and was he gay as well?" You can't write script this good...

I really liked the two guys, Ryan & Chuck; an interesting pair, so sorry they got there last. I was quite impressed to see Chuck speaking Portuguese to the locals as it is close to Spanish, impressive.

I was not really impressed by Ron & Kelly and if they don't get it together they are going to be the next one off; they barely missed being last on this episode.

The two from Survivor, I just think should not be there. Don't you think they've already won their million? Give someone else a chance why don't you.

I love Meredith & Gretchen: Meredith as he has a girl's name and Gretchen as she is too cool. I loved it when they easily moved the llamas around while the others were pulling and tugging and it just was not happening.

One thing was interesting was how they handled the altitude change. It just seems unreal that they could all adapt that quickly; they must have either taken altitude pills or had some resting time. Going from sea level to 11,000' then running around is pretty challenging. I remember trying to run at Machu Picchu and just could not do it for too long. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think we'll see them head over to macchu piccu next week and we stuck in train delays. THen off to possibly lake titicaca in bolivia

Cruisinaltitude said...

Well, I'd hope so; that is the biggest attraction in that region; we'll see...